Famous prostitute of the republic of China “golden flowers die of old age were celebrities competing inscribed headstone

in Shanghai, and the golden flower planting, old age, is a thing of the past, after all, the former name is still there, famous brand is that, the legend is also attractive, old long-distance opening, business is still good. Most of guests, however, is not in order to appreciate her increasingly fading beauty, or touch her wrinkles began the body, and more consumption and petting her historical legends. Novelty seeking psychological, let her become the people read an old illustration of this old book, the meaning of version is greater than the real content in the book. She didn’t save the crisis of queen mother in distress vigorous efforts to turn the tide is past, and quickly revert to a gradually old prostitute.

golden flower go downhill fast, let a person can’t imagine, sigh sigh. She is 34 years old and has two marry, 40 did not bring her good luck, and even to maintain a smooth a normal family life is very difficult. In 1922, her second husband dies, she took from the beginning of the republic of China has been following her nanny Gu Ma, moved to Beijing a lane called the kernel in a small courtyard. It’s near the bridge of the slums. The day of the golden flower, such as declining, thoroughly abandoned her eight hutongs, have been relentless forgotten her.

however, Swiss writer Zhao Shuxia interview in bing xin, bing xin said himself seen twilight of the golden flower, then the golden flower: & other; You couldn’t see beautiful, the skin is white, behave is with elegant; Surprisingly, the golden flowers with visiting American journalists exchanged a few words in English. Throughout the &;

on November 4, 1936, at about 4 o ‘clock in the morning the golden flowers lonely and desolate. It was winter, cold wind let her in the final moments of life tightly holding a bed quilt of piping, to resist force outside the window like the roar of the north wind.

the second day early in the morning, come here to inspect a call PuYu police making, heard the Gu Ma crying, just walked into the yard, see the sad scene, he have a good news, not immediately called to report his boss, but notice the newspaper first. Answered the phone was speaking newspaper editing Wu Zonghu sets newspaper immediately stop the edition correction, with the fastest speed sent a scoop. Soon, the whole city knows the news of the “golden flower tragic death. The golden flower again entered the Beijing vision, which has a background from the eight hutongs into the kernel, identity from a legend to Mrs. A cold die of old age.

in fact, that year, the golden flowers just 62 years old.

sets newspaper, the capital of celebrities again suddenly remind of the golden flower, making donations, in succession to the golden flower to be buried. It is said that it is personally by Wu Zonghu coffin, first to Liang Guyuan # crane in coffin shop on credit, manned a listen to is the “golden flower, make an exception and preferential at half price. Zhang brook (folk historian) initiative buried her joyous pavilion, with the approval of everyone. Inscribed headstone, some say Mr Qi baishi, now is not, at that time, many celebrities competing demands inscribed the tombstone, such as the late qing dynasty academician Zhang Haire, Shen Yuanqian, calligrapher Shao Zhang, Zhang Boying, sculptor ShouShi etc, but did not succeed, the monument is Pan Yugui. Probably because he was a notorious big traitors, then people do not want to mention him, then confusedly in qi baishi’s head?

“golden flower tomb finally built on its northeast temples, fragrant burial joyous pavilion compassion and queshan north of burial mound. Tomb for marble stone, tablet for granite, nearly two meters high. To say also handsome enough, the author in guangdong huizhou seen su dongpo, the grave of love my chao-yun wang as a prostitute, no game tomb as the style of the golden flower. It was said that around the cemetery and the cloud to figure, before the clouds “, “cloud music” after the three pieces of carved stone, the cloud to figure painting by chang, “clouds” is a poem of FanZengXiang before and after. But now, go to the joyous pavilion, couldn’t find the remains.

now, in the grave of huizhou chao-yun wang can still be seen, in the grave of su xiaoxiao, can still be seen in changshu tomb of liu, can still be seen. However, in Beijing, already can’t see the tomb of “golden flower.

no matter how legacy was to comments and evaluation, chao-yun wang, su xiaoxiao, willow, cannot catch up with the “golden flower? Status as the most humble a prostitute, she has created all the aristocratic family and even those in northeast yong will even the emperor queen mother didn’t create a legend.

“in chengdu commercial daily”