Famous writer bi feiyu campaign residential industry members: early have this desire

in bi feiyu is running for a village industry members?

yesterday, the famous writer bi feiyu sina certification weibo posted a message: & other; Often to and within the community property, fruit. This year finally drop face, election of owner committee (should be industry members). Throughout the &;

bi feiyu campaign committee of things at once by his weibo fans onlookers, many fans praised Mr. Bi has a good heart, from a business committee also have fans worry about job delay bi feiyu’s writing career.

yesterday evening, jinling evening news reporter contacted Mr. Bi. & other; In one village I had the desire of the campaign before, just missed the opportunity, the owners’ committee election, I immediately applied. Throughout the &; Mr. Bi said.

about election committee members

he said brewing for a long time

bi feiyu current dwelling village in hexi, he said he is a busybody, but he wants to become the industry committee, just want to have a public identity, take a tube of a tube business.

reporter: is campaigning on a whim?

bi feiyu: this is definitely not, before the move into the village, I lived in another village, beyond the environment is very beautiful at first, but over time, the overall environment is still falling, in that I had run for industry members and moved as a result, into the plot and late one step, the industry authority has been set up at that time, industry authority re-election this year, I don’t want to miss this opportunity.

reporter: as an ordinary also may exercise the rights owner, why campaign industry members?

bi feiyu: to be honest, my many personal and community content canal are good, but will still to plot something red face, I think if there is a public identity, can separate the public or private. Friendship friendship, business down, this is better.

about campaign reason

he said a lot of things to pipe up

Mr. Bi said, had just moved into a village, the village of greening environment are satisfactory, but not for long, after a few years, problems appear one by one, now it’s time no matter no.

reporter: you mentioned the present problems of community, including what respect?

bi feiyu: carefully calculate a calculate, pretty much. Greening, pool, sheds, parking problems & hellip; & hellip; I usually don’t too pay attention to some details, just have a listen to village women, small area near the elevator, a lamp can consume a day ten degrees, I think some problem really want to go to a tube.

reporter: residential property, know that you are a writer? Because of who you are and for being biased?

bi feiyu: in this neighborhood, our family dog more famous than I do. Property of many people know I am a writer, but I can’t back down because of the so-called celebrity, because involves the interests of the property company. Even if I was elected the industry committee, also won’t have any privilege.

about election plan

he points to one do

the district council election, application, a lot of people to get elected, bi feiyu also had to the village of the owner. As for elected members after the plan, he said, to a lot of things busy, want to do one by one.

reporter: if successful election, from which aspects to change the status quo?

bi feiyu: to a lot of things busy, I’m in village green, for example, the original district green pretty good, but now people in green vegetables, this is actually affect the environment, this is certainly need to negotiate, the restoration of green space. I will put your own part well.

reporter: how to see the relationship of owners and management?

bi feiyu: mutual respect, equality of personality. I have and chatted a lot cleaner, learned that their income is very low, only a few hundred dollars, I would like to later in this aspect to improve treatment for them.

reporter: current vote?

bi feiyu: this also is not clear. I also pulled the ticket for himself, and then I will cast a vote for themselves.

about the plight of community

he said that there are two reasons for

with the development of housing construction, the contradiction about community also appear constantly. Mr. Bi said, a lot of the plight of the community, mainly due to two reasons, want to change is not easy, need everyone’s efforts.