Fan homemade armor won the national patent of ancient weapons to improve the film and television props

produce armor Liang Qijing feel a sense of accomplishment

since childhood fascination with ancient weapon culture, Liang Qijing after graduating from college, because can’t buy the right armor, made a set of their own, from now on will open the floodgates, also the hobby into a job. One year made to one set of different dynasties of armor, one set of black paint scales armor won the national patent.

hobbies: since the childhood fascination with ancient armor

Liang Qijing home sitting room is a small workshop, the wall near the table with a model, wearing armor is beside the knife, the bow and arrow custom-made ancient cold steel, such as TV ark before the edge of the sofa on a small table, is filled with iron, silk, cloth, needle and so on.

Liang Qijing haven’t picked up from the sofa a completion of the song dynasty soldiers Zagreb armor on a model, with a small pieces of iron on the table, cut out a blue flat rope, tie a knot, in the plate with a hole under the upper wear string, and a few minutes of time, forming a palm-sized shawl.

before make armor, Liang Qijing did not even touched a needle and thread, since after making the first set of armor in 2012, before he became a master of the country-and. Now create a set of armor fastest just eight of nine days.

Liang Qijing likes picture books at an early age on the ancient hero image of the blood of life, as a fan of military, he had been hoping to have a helmet.

during the university, he constantly search on the net, the result can’t find the right of the armor.

& other; Now that don’t sell on the net, then make your own! Throughout the &; An idea came out and Liang Qijing decided to give it a try.

harvest: homemade armor won the national patent

on May 19, 2012, a according to the level of the song dynasty general hold wedding held in fusui city hotel, dressed in the armor of the groom and the bride dressed in traditional hanfu, let the wedding guest view. Dressed in a terrible black paint scales groom, general armor is Liang Qijing. Want to borrow his wedding, he said, showing Chinese masculinity, and show the culture of Chinese ancient weapon.

this black paint scales armor is Liang Qijing spent more than 3000 pieces of cold rolled steel plates, made more than four months to complete, this is his first set of armor. This according to the art of the song dynasty “wu via always” and “armour recovery” of han dynasty unearthed in the nail shape of armor, in May 2012 won the state intellectual property office granted the patent certificate.

after the first set of armor to Liang Qijing proudly for a period of time, later on, he kept to their own fault, force yourself to learn more knowledge and technology.

create a set of armor is not simple, this involves the sheet metal, metal cutting, forging, tailor, plate making, leather processing, metal sculpture, and other technology. To make armor, he needs to constantly fumble, learning various techniques and process.

because hobbies ancient weapon, he quit the original work in airlines, opened a toy shop, the shop half was the & other; Throughout the ancient Arsenal &; .

plan: hope to be able to improve the film and television props

Liang Qijing put do armor take pictures on the Internet, recognised by many netizens, Shanghai, shandong, hunan and other places of netizens are made to his armour.

because of interest in ancient weapon, Liang Qijing found some ancient theme of TV, the generals and soldiers wear armor in the movie & other; Through & throughout; The dynasty. So Liang Qijing one idea that is in contact with the people in the film, share with them their mastery of the knowledge of ancient weapons, or for their armor.

now, Liang Qijing are studying ancient weapon training gear, were injured when the martial arts enthusiasts in knife, sword prepared in case. Liang Qijing making nearing completion of the song dynasty soldiers Zagreb armor is made for this, he has been through, the effect is good.

at present, Liang Qijing in order to attend at the China traditional riding and shooting at the first meeting in May and July in qinghai in the competition of the international traditional bow he is picking up the song dynasty soldiers of the production. & other; Qinghai international traditional bow game lovers more than 40 countries. Throughout the &; Liang Qijing eyes give the heat of the soldiers on the battlefield.