Fan zhongyan favouritism to write “the yueyang tower” yueyang people at that time

to & other; After the first world of sorrow, sorrow, the world of joy but joy & throughout; For tzu chi fan zhongyan, to implement the New Deal, the people, do not hesitate to offend powerful feudal literati of the best of all is famous in later ages. But such a & other; Male & throughout; Famous also failed to avoid custom, Sir, for the sake of his good friend TengZongLiang, once ran & other; Private & throughout; . Fan zhongyan in its historic masterpiece TengZongLiang is “the yueyang tower” in its & other; Ba ling satrap & throughout; TengZiJing.

TengZongLiang, word son Beijing, henan people. Cosied up to fan zhongyan in jinshi, very thick, quite deep feelings. TengZongLiang at hengjing state, 160000 Min spent public money by empire Liang Jian impeachment. TengZongLiang afraid of sitting too much, just guilty one bear, burned books, extinguish the relevant names, destroyed evidence, two to one, sin is not small. Assistant administrator (deputy prime minister) fan4 zhong4 yan can’t see the friends (at favouritism, save, early debate ZhiJiang a officer. But Liang Jian supervisor empire in cheng Wang Gongchen angrily gravamen, theory of play, never give up. Finally, there is still no jeopardy, relegated to the yueyang (ba ling county).

TengZongLiang to yueyang to reveal performance, decided to rebuilt yueyang tower. Money from what? Good books! Government posted notices, folk have old debt or come back, can be dedicated to government, by the government to take back. Government debt collection, who dare not give? ! Not for a long time, that is, almost Wan Min accept money. TengZongLiang personally in charge of the money, do not set account book, others ask, used to build yueyang tower. After building into, cost a lot of, TengZongLiang income many myself.

yueyang tower, TengZongLiang to whitewash yue merit, is famous for its prose, please. Fan zhongyan regardless of yueyang origin, also invited to write “the yueyang tower”, the opening is & other; The next year, the logical administration and, full-scale reconstruction is under way throughout the &; . In fact, the yueyang area at that time, people, TengZongLiang after one year, no improvement. Fan zhongyan don’t reluctant to praise, or for TengZongLiang personally.

Fan Gong is sage, admirable. For TengZongLiang favouritism, detrimental to greatness. I for Fan Gong regrets, for Fan Gong shame!