Fang about true and false salmon: at ordinary times said is frozen dead fish

recently to yunnan, the location of a fish to eat fish feast. On the salmon sashimi, first cut too thin. I originally thought it shipped from outside of salmon, then know fished it is on the edge of the lake from the restaurant now, can’t help but wonder: how is it possible to raise up the salmon in fresh water on the mainland? After the meal to the lake to visit, specially to pay attention to the instructions, it was written & other; Steelhead, also known as salmon & throughout; .

salmon is the cantonese transliteration salmon in English, the term came from Hong Kong, the mainland originally called trout and salmon. Salmon is usually refers to the several kinds of migratory fish in salmonidae, spent most of his life in the deep sea. According to them the waters of life, is divided into two categories: there is only one kind of Atlantic salmon, there are several kinds of Pacific salmon (one of the most famous is the red salmon). They have a significantly different, Atlantic salmon can spawn many times, and the Pacific salmon produce only one egg, died shortly after spawning. The salmon on the market are mostly farmed Atlantic salmon, Norway is the main origin. Salmon we say at ordinary times, actually refers to this kind, is frozen dead fish.

species in rainbow trout are introduced from abroad, the translation of English rainbowtrout, is one of the trout. Trout and salmon are salmonidae, usually settled in fresh water. But there are exceptions. Rainbow trout have lifelong live in fresh water, for instance, have a plenty of migration, migration of steelhead called rainbow trout instead, configuration is changed, is still the same. Unlike the Pacific salmon, rainbow trout can spawn many times.

it is reported that the home is about 10 years ago began large-scale aquaculture steelhead, but poor sales. Then someone came up with an idea, sell the steelhead as salmon, cut into raw fish to eat, and have good market. But take steelhead pretend salmon, two problems need to be solved. One is the color problem. Rainbow trout meat is white, and the flesh of salmon is orange red. Good solution to this problem. Salmon because ate food such as krill, astaxanthin, a carotenoid) accumulate in the muscle, to let the fish in the special color. So as long as astaxanthin is added in the feed (chemical synthesis or from shrimp powder extract) can make fish and orange red. In fact, farmed salmon also need to be added in the feed astaxanthin can have a salmon color. Another problem is that the meat. Steelhead as salmon fat, so want to thinly sliced, or chewing. Do the salmon sashimi, usually cut into pieces or article.

some restaurants with steelhead pretend not only domestic salmon, supermarkets sell salmon trout meat meat or products sometimes pretend to be, for the simple reason that rainbow trout are much cheaper than salmon. Although the appearance of the two types of fish is very easy to difference, but with trout meat can feed dyeing denominations, light see meat, even fisheries experts may not see it. And south China sea institute of academy of sciences, applied Marine biology key laboratory developed through genetic testing technology to distinguish the salmon and steelhead meat. Of course, this technique to average consumer does not make sense.

steelhead salesman argue that salmon is a general, rainbow trout can also be called a salmon. From the perspective of biological classification, rainbow trout and Pacific salmon is very close (belong to salmon), but the Atlantic salmon is more like a trout (belong to salmon). But salmon term was not a strictly biological classification, but a business name. Especially in China, people think about salmon, think of is imported fish, sashimi. The rainbow trout when raw salmon slices, use is the reputation of the salmon sashimi. Trout can be called the salmon, but no matter as a freshwater fish can’t be eaten raw. Freshwater fish, shrimp, parasitic in a variety of parasites, such as lung trematode, wha testosterone trematode (parasitic in the liver and gallbladder, commonly known as liver fluke), jaw nematodes, latum crack head tapeworm, raw can infect humans, some can be deadly. Because like to eat raw fish or half-baked fillet (such as fish fillet only the outer part of the fish congee is boiled, the middle section is still raw), nearly 2% of people infected with the China branch of guangdong testosterone trematode, is the national average rate of 5 times.

not only freshwater fish can’t eaten raw, once lived in freshwater, brackish water, fish can’t eaten raw, this includes the migration of wild salmon. Us researchers have found that all the wild salmon are parasitic pointed nematodes, some parasitic crack head tapeworm, these parasites can infect humans. It is in the sea farmed salmon did not detect the parasite. So usually only the fish in the sea life completely used for sashimi. But raw fish is not very safe. Some people say that ocean fish will not have worms, this is wrong. Fish can also be a variety of parasite, some parasites cannot infect the human body, some can, one of the most famous is pointed nematodes. In addition to the salmon, mackerel, herring, cod, squid and so on many kinds of seafood is widely used to infected with different tip nematode larvae. Different tip can nematode larvae in the digestive tract parasite, but can not develop into adult, 2 ~ 3 weeks after death. But before death is likely to cause damage to human body, especially the number of larvae eat more long. The Japanese like to eat raw fish, the Japanese’s sharp nematode disease is the world’s first.

when to eat raw fish, people are used to make sauce with soy sauce, mustard, vinegar, or helping to drink some wine. Some people think that I can kill the parasites in fish, is a fantasy. The insecticidal capacity is the strongest liquor, but also want to soak more than ten minutes to kill at least pointed nematode larvae. The time needed for other condiments is longer, for example, want to rely on vinegar to kill pointed nematode larvae, bubble for days, after all, the larvae to have very good acid resistance, to pass the test of gastric juice into the human body. The most simple way to kill the parasite is high temperature. If you want to eat it raw, there is also a more effective way to kill the parasite, that is frozen. In order to kill fish in the different pointed nematode larvae, eu rules seafood must be listed on the frozen for 24 hours to minus 20 degrees Celsius, the U.S. food and drug administration is recommended frozen 7 days (if it is minus 35 degrees Celsius can be shortened to 15 hours). Of course, some people will feel after frozen fish tastes bad. Want security or fresh? For some people it may be a difficult decision. IfengLogo (fang)