Fang han article “father ghost” controversial

han tan manuscript “triple gate

crop collapsed, fang stood up; Mr. Lu away Korea’s dad, rolling in; Blogs and books have been questioned the gunners, take out the manuscripts were also said.

in the lunar New Year holiday, the hottest topic in the network is not spring rainy night, but fang questioned pen to write for the child, the father of han and han & other from a distance; Wars & throughout; From noisy last year to this year no signs of letting up.

recently, war chaos, the greater the publisher Mr. Lu, yao microblogging queen, writer caishen ning, Shi Kang and others have also on weibo fang questioned han to comment about the ghost. And agree on the event continues to occupy the public attention. The god of wealth, said in as he was questioned, had filed a lawsuit!

& other; Han entries “doctor” of the identity of the author, is more like 1977 to east China normal university Chinese department, and drop out of school because of hepatitis Han Ren (the father of han). Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; Fang

& other; Prose style obviously like me, and I had to pay to encourage others to proof, is author of this industry has entered the high risk, more than a decade of efforts as long as a rumor posts and a few people holding each other smelly feet performances can be destroyed. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; Han

fang has picked anti-counterfeiting

weibo launch & other; A man from Holland & throughout; That Korea’s dad ghost

before the Spring Festival, a prominent blogger catcher published an “artificial han han’s blog, pointing to han articles. Sent shock waves through the article on weibo. 16, han han in a blog post positive response: & other; If anyone can prove his ghost write articles for me, even if only a ghost words, once received belong to any media & lsquo; Han team & rsquo; Or from my press release requirements published propaganda, reward 20 million yuan. Throughout the &;

18, is famous for its impact of fang also joined the event, he said in his weibo han deleting evidence, said a price, & other; No sincerity. Throughout the &; He said: & other; Catcher questioned han han’s article mentioned in April 2007 articles published on the blog the middle-aged who admitted to Carmen friend knows his blog passwords, modify the article for him, I am curious to see this article, the result is not found in han han’s blog, because han from December 13, 2006 to September 18, 2007 more than nine months of blog articles are all deleted. Throughout the &; Subsequently, a netizen said fang was for 20 million & other; A declaration of war throughout the &; , fang says he is only interested in.

I didn’t think this & other; A declaration of war throughout the &; Let fang, on the whole during the Spring Festival, fang has been on weibo & other; Anti-counterfeit & throughout; That han does have a ghost.

27, fang sent a long weibo: & other; A new season has begun: & other; & lsquo; Genius & rsquo; Han’s works “doctor” throughout analysis &; In this analysis, fang says, & other; Han entries written by the “doctor” is actually the sixties and seventies of the last century (or earlier) of patients with hepatitis a doctor in a small hospital experience, rather than the han as scabies in 1999 patients with large hospital doctor experiences. The identity of the author, is more like 1977 to east China normal university Chinese department, and drop out of school because of hepatitis Han Ren (the father of han). Throughout the &;

fang evidence of this is that the han in the “doctor”, a large number of references to turgenev novel details, & other; It’s have to read the whole novel to know. More strange, “the doctor,” so in a word, & lsquo; I have seen a internship just came out from the university, just little girl proud of being a doctor & hellip; & hellip; & rsquo; Han for 17 years old that year, and a new interns from the university of age should be 23 years old or so, how could a 17 year old people call others for the girl? Only like Han Ren are middle-aged or older, will only be called so. Throughout the &; Fang found at the end of this paper also questioned and recommend the “green shoots” of the article editor Hu Wei phuong and give han heats the topic editor Li Jigang: & other; Is it possible that the 17-year-old han said six years older than his doctor for the little girl? Throughout the &;

in a desolate: han & other; Be compelled helpless & throughout; Sell the manuscript, more than 700 pages only 10 yuan

if the rain roof leak, the fang questioned Han Fu ghostwriters “doctor” at the same time, has the media to han patch, said to reporter received a batch of & other; Explosive & throughout; Anonymous manuscript for publication, the mail content is to report han’s first novel “triple door” is not written by han han, there is no evidence, is still a conjecture, because & other; Revealed throughout the &; Think a 17 year old child can’t write such words, so that must be someone behind the generation of writing and manipulation. The main suspect one is Mr. Lu, another suspect the han’s father.

for mounting & other; A ghost & throughout; Question, 3 PM, on January 25, han use & other; Ting Lin town party & throughout; Account suddenly appeared on sina weibo. Han han to & other; A ghost said & throughout; Denied, and in 25 announced on its blog again in the morning when the “triple door” all of the manuscript. According to han han on his blog, “triple door” finalized for more than 400 pages, plus the first draft and amended a total of more than 800, nearly 400000 words. He said: & other; 17 for this book, I spent a whole year and also abandoned their studies, late into the night during the day, inside and outside class kept on writing. I have all the honor because the book and began. Although this book in many now seems naive and ostentation. Throughout the &;

han said, now that the suspicion that he had to be compelled helpless decided to put the “triple door” manuscripts published & ndash; & ndash; 400 pages of the manuscript for a book, and then give a more than 200 pages of the notebook. & other; The book is about 700 pages, the book’s suit is priced at RMB 10. This suit is the name of the light and open, notebook part is called “light”, because obviously is bare. “Triple door” manuscript section called “open”, because the paper stack of the stack. I use this only sell 10 yuan gift to thank all my readers. Listed on the book of time is on April 1, 2012, to commemorate my idol Leslie cheung. Throughout the &; Han said, “triple door” manuscripts published in book form, not only his junior high school, published articles, in the competition, will be his second book, and have the manuscript.

27th afternoon, & other; Ting Lin town party & throughout; Forwarding Korea daddy Han Ren are an article about myself, Korea’s dad is trying to describe & other; Real ordinary I & throughout; The artist image, cast off before deduction. Han han is a blog post, said hear dad specially wrote this article wants to make things clear, think & other; Special sad & throughout; .

bloggers are divided into two groups: yao to see not bottom go to, & other; Scientific detective & throughout; Attack

fang han on weibo on continuous & other; Anti-counterfeit & throughout; , also attracted many recreational the attention of a celebrity. & other; Pretty throughout Korea sent &; And & other Pour throughout Korea sent &; Odds. Some netizens commented, the saliva battle, from 2011 to 2011, the latest episode of drama keywords is & other; Scientific detective & throughout; , & other Conveniently book & throughout; , & other; Back to weibo & throughout; And & other Father and son play & throughout; , just the noisy till now, many viewers have already lost patience and interest.

in the afternoon on 27 January, microblogging queen yao joined & other; Fighting & throughout; . Yao said in a microblog & other; Served, fight to the end of the year from years ago, noisy too. For it’s me, really not the patience, leave early legal process, from the innocence. What legal name? Seems a libel. Throughout the &; Writer Mr. Murong said: & other; There is a question since the card: how do you prove that the article was written by you? This really can’t, even with the manuscript, also can saying is copied. So the law emphasizes & lsquo; Who advocates, who proof & rsquo; . Do you think the article is not written by himself, ok, please show me the evidence testimony, and witness the Robert, please. These all have no, only said a pile of doubt, it is like in the era of paternity test, doubt someone not children, always be honest. Throughout the &;

in addition, the Internet has also appeared a very technical post, an article called “analysis of stylistics and han’s works”, using lists, two-dimensional figure & other; Stylistics & throughout; Professional term, the style of the riveting sufficient scientific detective, han han, Han Ren (han’s father), guo and south sent three uncle articles & other; Throughout the &; , & other Throughout the &; , & other Throughout the &; The frequency of these words, draw the conclusion: han prose style is the same as the father and son.

west China metropolis daily reporter zhang jie


fang han network controversy, who do you support?

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3. Do you believe in han’s work is someone a ghost?

believe, is suspicious of

don’t believe, there is no evidence of


4. Do you support han the prosecution after decision?

support, eventually should use the law to solve by the court to give reasonable

against, Internet argument noisy but should not be to court


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