Fang to prosecute the legal weekend was dismissed the court: “to the wrong person”

think legal daily hosted by the rule of law weekly “fang alleged plagiarism total survey published in the main content false, insult and defamation, also malicious with his portrait, freelance writer fang to court, the other for legal daily public apology and compensation of 100000 yuan. The main body of a few days ago, due to the legal daily, inadequate fang sued by chaoyang court.

fang, said last year on March 30, the rule of law, the weekend with four pages published “fang alleged plagiarism total survey suggests. Report cited the history of science at the university of Shanghai jiaotong xiao-yuan jiang et al., fang, evaluation, also lists the fang was accused of the original three articles suspected of plagiarism and control. Fang says, this article specifically acquisition was his criticism, and he a man of contradictions, throw someone once exposed & other; Fang copying & throughout; Transmission of old news, defamation, carries on the hype. To that end, he and court proceedings required legal daily delete & other; Legal network & throughout; And & other The rule of law throughout the weekend &; Website “fang alleged plagiarism total investigation of infringing articles, stop the infringement, in the weekend of the rule of law and the two website apology, publicly apologize to him, to eliminate the influence, to restore his reputation, and pay for his spiritual damage compensation of 100000 yuan, lawyer fee RMB 20000.

legal daily, according to the articles involved in the system by the rule of law, the weekend newspaper published by & other; The rule of law throughout weekend mesh &; Transmission, weekend newspaper under the rule of law is a lawfully registered, has the qualifications of independent legal person institution legal person, & other; The rule of law throughout the weekend &; Site is run by the rule of law the weekend newspaper, its operation shall be the responsibility of the legal newspaper over the weekend. So fang of lawsuits for legal daily, the main body unwell, belonging to the defendant. Court thinks, the organizer and the publisher must be between leadership and being led relationship, the publisher of qualified as legal person shall bear civil liability independently with their all properties as legal persons, the organizer does not have the legal person status of publishing units shall bear civil liability. Therefore, the court to dismiss the suit brought by the plaintiff after.