Fantasy research: Freud said every time sexual fantasies can achieve a wish

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unlike other human behavior, has a strong emotional and moral titer. For a long time, people’s attitude to sex is on the other hand are attracted to it, and the confused again on the other hand, even will reject it. Even in the open times, still can cause anxiety.

indulge in sexual activity at the same time feel conflicted about it again, is not a new thing. When humans began to write in on clay tablets, literature materials about sex is very rich. About 4000 years ago, The Sumerians (The Sumerians) their in The Gilgamesh Epic (The Epic of Gilgamesh) in The first describes The insatiable lust. Gilgamesh was a noble warrior: & other; His desire to make those women cannot leave their virginity with their lovers, soldier’s daughter, or noble lady, all without exception. Throughout the &; Secular or religious literature, oral history, art, poetry, and music is our ancestors in the form of a variety of media records, which is filled with description of sexual topics or straightforward or obscure. In the next long time, people view of sex has been wavering: sometimes it represents the happy heaven, sometimes means through hell.

as & other; Mental illness & throughout; The sexual fantasies of

sexual fantasies research appears very late, development is very slow, also has long been a research topic is full of taboo. The German doctor heinrich & middot; Feng & middot; Kahn (Heinrich van Kaan) is the middle of the 19th century specializes treatment & other; The madman & throughout; A physician, and in 1844 he published a book about the human morbid psychological & ndash; & ndash; The psychological disease. Feng & middot; Mr Strauss-kahn doctors and most of the doctors at the time, are very concerned about the dangers of excessive masturbation. But and other physicians worried about masturbation will waste of semen makes people listless this different, feng & middot; Mr Strauss-kahn doctors think masturbation is a kind of dangerous sexual perversion, can lead to mental deterioration, especially masturbation with rambling fantasy. Feng & middot; Mr Strauss-kahn doctor, let people to wonder how many men and women suffer physical and mental anguish. Of course, we now know, sexual fantasies is part of the human psychological normal. But in feng & middot; His doctor’s brutal repression of era, even the piano Lou in the outside of the four legs are wrapped up, if anyone has admitted that the mind day and night to lifelike fantasies are there will be a trouble, so feng & middot; It’s okay to be kahn regard masturbation as a sexual perversion.

in 1886, feng & middot; Mr Strauss-kahn doctor book published 42 years later, a noble birth Austrian psychiatrist Richard & middot; Feng & middot; Kraft – Mr Bean (Richard von Krafft – Ebing) professor published a more influential works of the same name, the book’s subtitle is & other; The court of a clinical research & throughout; . And von & middot; Kahn and Victorian predecessors, kraft – Mr Guest professor of human sexual psychological view of a more tolerant and tolerance. As a result, many tortured Austrian people consult kraft – Mr Penn bring their painful private fantasies. In kraft – Mr Bing reported in 1890 cases, a gentleman from Berlin obsessed with being struck and humiliated & other Wild fantasy & throughout; In the. The talkative patients to kraft – Mr Bean explained that his early in childhood has been aware of their abuse of sexual fantasies, especially is keen to be women imprisoned, beating and kicking and torture. The man later, assist kraft – bing and subsequent investigators learned that when he really with the help of the prostitutes will be beaten fantasies into practice, but the result made him very unhappy. The patient from Berlin, explained that fantasy can bring him more than the physical pleasure, this is also the contemporary psychotherapists frequently encountered in clinical practice.

Freud: & other; Every time a fantasy is a desire to achieve & throughout;

in kraft – Mr Bean as a period of Vienna’s most eminent psychiatrist, an intelligent young man came to prominence in the academic conference, in order to present him in nerve disease causes a new discovery. He is from the university of Vienna in 1886 jews of doctors’ qualifications & ndash; & ndash; Freud, this year is kraft – Mr Bean “psychological disease” of the first edition published in that year. Over the years, Freud bought kraft – at least Mr Bean four different versions of the book, one has also worked with his pencil marks, this indicates that he has been poring over kraft – Mr Penn’s book. In 1905 he published “the sexuality,” Freud proposes the so-called & other; Paraphilia & throughout; (both suck, lick and bite) from infantile nursing experience, and most of us the sex is not just limited to the opposite sex, only to breed intercourse. Before Freud, in other words, from the perspective of science will play as an acceptable sex, also inevitable characteristics on the table.

Freud later won two important findings: first, sexual fantasies can meet the original, can’t suppress the idea of; Second, sexual fantasies can make body and mind free from those more unpleasant thoughts. Freud argued that cannot be easily considered fantasy & other Masturbation quickly & throughout; Overture or & other; The climax of silent & throughout; , on the contrary, Freud thinks sexual fantasy is an important spiritual product, play an important role in the human mind.