FanZhou rhythm landscape painting exhibition held in Canada Far south mountain seclusion for 20 years

FanZhou the rhythm of landscape painting exhibition held in Toronto, Canada

on February 19, 2013 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada China fine art gallery will showcase outstanding artists in contemporary China FanZhou marked the rhythm of the landscape works. Site will also show studio artist in mount zhongnan artistic life scenes in the film.

FanZhou personality paintings, embodies the great mystery of Chinese spirit, music and calligraphy interest extremely the curves of line drawing, make his paintings unprecedented, special, become the contemporary Chinese landscape painting is a unique cultural landscape. Great artists must be free from vulgarity, unique charm, mind world of its work performance is often the people have not discovered the secret. FanZhou the rhythm of the landscape, with wavy flowing composition, simple, smooth, stretch, the atmosphere, the visual and synaesthesia penetrating. The painting style, benefited from his early artistic ideal, is determined to innovation of Chinese painting. In the 1980 s, inspired in modernism, young FanZhou on the transformation of Chinese ink painting, have made unremitting efforts. Although those with western painting has long been him to give up, but for him to seek for new type of landscape painting is not without significance, its significance is dissatisfied with the style of ready-made and desire for the new way of performance.

“picked 520 x220cm FanZhou works


FanZhou works” deep water moving 96 x184cm

in 1992, FanZhou with dreams of art, resolutely towards the far south mountain, start the twenty years of seclusion creative life. FanZhou from Shi Lu in his early years, but he is walking on the awareness of landscape than Shi Lu far, Shi Lu no conditions of the leave of the age in which he and reality, and FanZhou’s age makes his conditional go deep into the nature of neri appreciate nature, to ponder the mood of the elders. This & other; Unity throughout the &; Of art practice, but it will make him from the boundless universe & other; Chuan throughout the &; From natural rhythm, comprehend the true meaning of landscape. So he is truly & other; Nature’s sex, into the nature of the work & throughout; . FanZhou long understanding of western culture and the Oriental mysterious culture research, and combines the practices of nature experience, make him have a broad cultural vision and profound cultural heritage, allows him to stand in the height of the history and culture to grasp the essence of Chinese painting. Mr FanZhou wisdom of the guqin manipulation and the experience of taijiquan exercise in the paintings, work boundary surpasses, interest, pen and ink are dense and long, straight into the flow. To the “on good if water”, the mountain stream, the deepwater shizuru, realized his & other; I left phase, germinal karma & throughout; Creation concept, fully show the tranquility and harmony of nature, great master demeanor. For the context of the traditional Chinese painting development took a welcome step.

during the exhibition, Mr FanZhou organizers will also be invited to the far south mountain and the Chinese landscape painting entitled to hold academic report, and painters and Ontario Chinese arts will explore the present situation and the development direction of contemporary Chinese landscape painting.