Farmer cross-stitch reproduce the qingming festival on the painting “grinding off more than 10 needle (figure)

rao month jiao and her “qingming scroll” cross-stitch (part)

daily because more than 10 hours, ground fault before and after more than 10 needle

yongtai woman cross-stitch reproduce the qingming festival on the painting “

last 33 months, spent more than 10 hours a day. Use up 79 kinds of color line, ground fault more than 10 needle & hellip; & hellip; This is yongtai woman rao month jiao, cross-stitch recreate painting “qingming scroll” of a set of data. It is against this tenacity and persistence, she finished this difficult work.

obsessed cross-stitch

challenge to complete the qingming festival on the painting “

22 morning, the reporter in rao met rao month jiao jiao younger sister’s house fall in love of needlework pursues “on the qingming festival, it is 6 meters long, 55 cm, weight is 2.6 kg.

are cross-stitch, lifelike, small to the vendors of a pole, the boatman a bamboo SPAR, big to a arch bridge, a city, are embroidered perfectly, unequivocally.

& other; This want to catch in & lsquo; The May Day & rsquo; First, I didn’t think or delayed by more than 10 days, 15 days to complete. Throughout the &; Watching takes 33 months to complete & other Epic & throughout; Jiao, rao month filled with joy.

rao month jiao husband in yongtai city restaurant as a cook, daughter in chardonnay township read junior high school. In early 2009, pulling the township government is located in the chardonnay rent to accompany her daughter to read. A pure chance, rao month jiao comes into contact with the cross-stitch, and quickly completed a plum blossom figure. Since then, she was fascinated cross-stitch. Heard that the qingming festival on the painting “is very difficult in the cross-stitch work, very few people can stick to embroider the, rao month jiao decided to challenge. In mid-september, she bought all the material, embroidery down the first needle painting “on the qingming festival.

a embroidered 33 months

more than ten hours a day

before, rao month jiao know this will be a & other; Large engineering & throughout; , can truly embroidery painting “on the qingming festival, difficulty or far beyond imagination. Thought that she will soon finished, the embroidery is 33 months.

jiao said rao month, start-up, embroidered a 20 cm width format, often have to spend a week. From the day, open embroidery rao month jiao most energy on the cross-stitch. & other; Remove the housework every day, all fell on it. It takes more than 10 hours a day on average, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Throughout the &; Jiao said rao month, & other; Didn’t stop on the first day this year. Throughout the &;

share 79 colors

grinding off more than 10 needle

the data shows, the tomb-sweeping day painting depicting 550 multiple personalities, cows, horses, mules, donkeys and other livestock more than 60, more than 20 vehicles, cars, car size more than 20 ships. With a needle and thread embroiders so much content, is not easy.

& other; Actually walls, Bridges and other seemingly complicated content easy to embroider, because color is a single, seemingly ordinary lawn instead of the work, usually a piece of grass contains more than 10 kinds of colors, embroidered up very hard. Throughout the &; Rao month jiao said, the whole picture, the best embroidery, water and grass color complex, is the hardest part to embroider.

rao month jiao said, the whole works Shared 79 colors, even the ordinary tree there are 6 kinds of color, & other; To pursue the picture smooth, I will take great effort to pull, more than 10 needle of the eye of a needle broken grinding & throughout; .

the qingming festival on the painting “finished embroidered, rao month jiao intends to sell this picture cross-stitch. But rao month jiao is not going to idle: & other; I plan to embroider a picture “Kowloon walk the world”, that is more complex than painting “on the qingming festival. Throughout the &;

(fuzhou daily reporter Xu Xiaojie article/taken the correspondent IfengLogo Wang Linzhong)