Farmer li horse at TV will be the whole village

(reporter hong-wei li correspondent Hao Yuxing) map of houma farmers li ma, self-raised funds made six episodes TV series “warm winter”, become the first invested by individual farmers in our province, director, local drama film. At present, the play has to issued by the provincial radio, film &television bureau & other; Domestic television issuing license & throughout; That will be shown across the country.

li ma this year 47 years old, have been hobby photography camera, a former rural projectionist. In the 1980 s, lee horse is carrying a camera, ZouCunChuanHu, become famous in the local camera maker. In 2009, lee horses at the communication university of China and provincial, major TV director and production course, round his own & other; Throughout college &; . Back in the same year in August, li Ma Xuecheng and tour to yicheng, inadvertently see farmers shi-sheng wang wrote TV play “warm winter”, deeply impressed by its plots. The play tells the story of 5 & middot; 12 wenchuan earthquake, Jeff li rescue injured migrant workers in shanxi, become vegetative, lost contact with his family. His wife whelan struggling with the old man and child at home, with many kind people help survive, finally reunited with her husband’s touching story.

this drama filming began in November last year, beginning in January, at the end of march. Its biggest characteristic is that li ma himself producer, director, in a film, the actor, 58 all by local teachers, supermarkets boss, the old man’s face, the sheep and other people. Opening song, song and 14 section of background music, also by local artists, the actors sing, is a complete & other; Grassroots TV & throughout; .