Fashion designer, the son of the book had insider: Monroe or as a result of pregnancy jails (FIG.)


according to U.S. media reports, the sexy goddess Marilyn & middot; Monroe coming the 50th anniversary of the death of Monroe’s fashion designer, the 74 – year – old son of Da Vinci & middot; Potter in the new book “Marilyn: at the end of the rainbow sex, lies and murder and big cover, the rock to disclose the Marilyn & middot; Monroe’s death truth: Monroe probably because with the President of the United States John & middot; Kennedy or attorney general Robert & middot; Kennedy’s flesh and blood, was five Mafia & other; Professional killers & throughout; The chloroform towels murder!

the book, life’s been married three times of Marilyn & middot; Monroe became the President of the United States John & middot; Kennedy’s secret lover, this is only a few people know the secret. But in May 1962, Monroe passionately at the Kennedy’s birthday dinner, after singing the song happy birthday to Kennedy Kennedy worry scandal, so Monroe & other; Changed hands & throughout; To the younger brother & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Attorney general Robert & middot; Robert Kennedy, but it didn’t take long to Monroe boredom.

Monroe decided to abandon by the Kennedy brothers & other; Broken broken falls & throughout; , she plans to hold a news conference to disclose her affair and lovers. Shortly before her death, had to call friends claim that was pregnant with pregnant, but she also don’t know of the baby’s father is the President of the United States John & middot; Kennedy, or attorney general Robert & middot; Kennedy, because she is in a very short period of time has has sex with the brothers. Speculation in the book, Monroe’s phone might be tapped, if a message publicly, of the Kennedy family would constitute a devastating blow, Monroe therefore bring fatal disaster. (bush)