Faye wong, Andy lau will entertain the world buddhist BBS The opening ceremony to sing “heart sutra”

the third session of the world buddhist BBS will be held in Hong Kong on the 27th of 25 solstice. Television and online games will be held in the BBS BBS, tribute and a number of artists invited to the opening ceremony, faye wong will chant “heart sutra” at the opening ceremony.

the third world buddhist BBS and Buddha parietal andother in Hong Kong and Macao to activity press conference to be held in Beijing on the 19th, the Chinese religious culture communication association, vice President of Jiang Jianyong, China buddhist association, vice chairman cheng mage and other people were present at the meeting. The reporter learns at the meeting, the BBS will have more than one window.

according to introducing, the opening ceremony will be held & other; Thousand monk all recite “heart sutra” throughout the &; , the famous singer faye wong will chant “heart sutra” at the opening ceremony, Andy lau and others to sing the theme song of BBS.

BBS will hold & other; Buddhism buddhist modern pattern & throughout; , & other Buddhist studies and the promotion of modern life & throughout; Seven points such as BBS, it is widely concerned about the issue of Buddhism, life and social issues such as in-depth discussions. Will give a speech at the appointed time, monks from home and abroad.

in addition to the seven points BBS, BBS will hold six TV and a network BBS, invite and authority on the dharma, discuss buddhist culture, morals, and communicative method of yi, plan for peace. The titled & other; Three language families talk about dharma & throughout; The network BBS, quasi around & other; Physical and mental purity & ndash; & ndash; Feel the buddhist wisdom & throughout; Theme, discusses how to play the three languages (Chinese, Tibetan and southern Buddhism, the common role.

during the BBS, Buddha parietal andother will go to Hong Kong, and accept the buddhist believers in. Is the Buddha parietal andother after shengshi shigemitsu patrol for the first time, this make Hong Kong a tooth, Buddha, Buddha parietal andother only visit to a city.

according to introducing, BBS to love the world, love life, protect the Buddhism, merciful man of insight, to build a equality, diversity, and open high-level dialogue, exchanges and cooperation platform, intends to invite the clergy people at home and abroad, experts and scholars, government officials and celebrities from all walks of life of 1050 people.

the theme for this BBS, & other; A harmonious world, is willing to peer & throughout; , with the former two-time BBS & other Harmony throughout the world, starting from the heart &; , & other A harmonious world, and all the flange and & throughout; Consistency, a consistent.

in 2006, the first world buddhist BBS participants with hair & other; 6 let throughout the &; : the heart kind, happy family and interpersonal and harmony, world peace, social harmony and civilization. And may need to be implemented counterparts, therefore, the BBS advocates & other; Six lines throughout the &; : gratitude, devotion, cherish every encounter as fate has it, tolerance, respect, sharing.