February, also called “spring dragon day” : eat the ripening not sew

cultural and Chinese folk except in the spread inherit in the land, also be long overseas Chinese to all over the world, should be given more attention and protection

enter the dragon, throughout the country launched on Chinese dragon & other; Folk culture & throughout; Associated with the dragon, objects are also popular. This year the large version of the dragon, a sheet of the 20 and 24 yuan, the whole face value but on sale but on the first day, and more than 160 yuan, the price of the market high and even up to 400 yuan.

dragon has lofty position in the Chinese people’s mind, is auspicious thing in the world, the master of more rain and weathering. People use dragon parable good things, the image of dragon into every aspect of social life in China, become a kind of cultural cohesion and accumulation. For cultural relics census, in 1982, fuxin city, hai village in the west of the found of the springs of water ditch neolithic & other; Dragon heap of plastic & throughout; . The chahai site is the & other; Before the hongshan culture & throughout; Remains, about 8000 years ago. & other; Dragon heap of plastic & throughout; Located in the village site in the center of the square, the total length of 19.7 meters, 1 to 2 meters wide, leading to the south, the tail in the north, proud head, itch to try. The shilong, composed of plastic equal to the size of the reddish brown stones, is so far discovered in China s largest and earliest form of a dragon. In addition, the inner Mongolian aohan xinglong hollow unearthed pottery dragon seventy-eight thousand years ago, north shaanxi baoji first ridge site unearthed pottery thin neck bottles of 7000 years ago in dragon, henan puyang west water slope excavated in 6400 – year – old plastic clam dragon pattern, etc. Since the han dynasty, from palace to folk, clothing, jewelry, accessories, houses and other buildings, decorated with dragon designs are more common, until modern times still the minibook.

old Beijing New Year’s day, from the beginning of the twelfth month until after the lunar February 2nd & other; Dragon head & throughout; New Year’s celebration is officially ended. Ming Liu Dong journal of emperor jing scenery slightly said: & other; On February 2, yue, the dragon looked up. Fry over New Year cake, smoked bed kang, yue, smoked worm: “dragon, worm out also. Throughout the &; It is said that on the second day of the 2nd lunar month, the day of the dragon king looked up who is in charge; Since then, the rain will gradually increase, begins in the spring. Therefore, February also called & other; Spring Festival dragon & throughout; . Widely circulated in north China & other; On February 21, the dragon looked up; Big warehouse, full capital flow & throughout; The proverb. The city is not only so, the whole of China and Chinese are all over the world will retain this & other; Tell son & throughout; . As the saying goes, & other; Dragon didn’t look up it doesn’t rain & throughout; , the dragon looked up means this YunXing rain made heaven and earth, is the condition of all birth. Nor in February, it was the beginning of farming, people desire a good harvest, also wish the dragon and make the best insect sting v, human freedom from disease. Dragon around and looked up the day & other; Lead dragon smoked throughout worm &; Activities, the qing emperor at the age of Beijing JiSheng cloud: & other; Township civil ash from winding cloth into the home kitchen, outside wrapping tank, call for & other; Lead the dragon back & throughout; . All people use millet noodles, jujube cake, wheat rice from Fried, yue, smoked worm & throughout; . Old Peking man and & other; On February 21, according to the beam, the scorpion centipede didn’t hidden throughout the &; The claim. People will celebrate the sacrifices the rest candles, lit after irradiation room case, wall to expel the scorpion, the centipede poisonous insect, etc. The day also with dragon to call food and all kinds of activities. Such as the ripening call & other; Dragon leather & throughout; , dumplings and other; Dragon ear & throughout; , noodles & other; Tendrils & throughout; Rice called & other; Give & throughout; , wonton call & other; Longan & throughout; , meat buns called & other; LanLong & throughout; ; Even when doing the ripening, but also on the cake to make dragon scales, called & other; Squama bread & throughout; . Women don’t sew work on this day, said fear of injury of the dragon eyes.

our country folk activities, there are a number of related to the dragon festival. The Lantern Festival WuLongDeng, grass dragon. Didn’t your self in the dream Liang Lu wu about dragon lantern account: & other; Yuanxiao nights & hellip; & hellip; Grass tied chan, with green screen cover grass, dense set lamp candle light, looked wan wan, such as the shape of ssangyong. Throughout the &; The “bamboo pavilion stories” qing: & other; Today the old Summer Palace over the next five days, other WaiFan fireworks, dragon lantern. Its people hold one rod, rod on a cross, such as t. Cross two ends of a pole, two red light, according to the team, jagged, such as dragon air. Pour is neutral, less direction & lsquo; All is well & rsquo; Four words. Throughout the &; WuLongDeng has become the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn festival and one of the most important landmark in the temple fair activities. Fifth is the Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Festival dragon boat racing is a region of southern China will be for a celebration. Large dragon boat race in tang dynasty, dozens of dragon boat. Zhang jian tang seal in the song was crossing the painted scenes of fierce in the contest: & other; May 5 days sunny, it around the river’s crow XiaoLuan make jun is not a group of lent, river early smell of harmony. & hellip; & hellip; Drum under the three red flags, two dragon jump out floating, drop shadow he flew swords, drum through the waves sound ray. Throughout the &; Today’s dragon boat boatrace towards the world, already became the descendants of the dragon at home and abroad a solidarity, mutual promoting Chinese characterization.

in ethnic minorities in China, the folk custom is related to dragon are legion. A leading festival at the yao nationality in yunnan province on the fifth day, for offering sacrifice to the dragon king. Border region of hunan, guizhou miao Dragon Boat Festival on the fifth day in qingshui river dragon boat racing. Western hubei tujia people as sun dragon robe day of June, the day every family will put new clothes under the sun exposure. All ethnic groups in China related to dragon festival and customs have distinguishing feature each, but are based on the ancient dragon can give water blessing cloth rain, can the human concepts, reflect the cultural identity of the Chinese nation.

the folk custom is the symbol of a nation is, is also the most apt inheritance and culture of the people’s body and mind and life of a culture. Labor productive labor of the folk customs, folk customs of everyday life, in the daily life has a traditional festival of folk traditional festival. Health, as it were, folk custom and people’s living environment, living habits, highlights the national characteristics and local characteristics, characteristics of time and space, is & other; Intangible cultural heritage & throughout; An important part of, and follow the & other; Nature & throughout; Of natural law, expressed the people to the pursuit of good vision and hope. Cultural and Chinese folk in addition to inherit to the spread of the earth, also be long overseas Chinese to all over the world, should be given more attention and protection.

king jumps over: researcher at the institute of Beijing studies, geographic society secretary-general of Beijing.