Female college students on the occupy men’s toilet “behavior art xu gender equality (FIG.)

on February 19, 2012, a few female college students staged in the streets of guangzhou & other; Occupy men’s toilet & throughout; Performance art, called for solve the problem of male and female toilet a disequilibrium, expanding the lady’s proportion, toilet like building without sex.

hopes & other; Occupy men’s & throughout; Behavior art cause social attention to men’s and women’s toilet a disequilibrium problem

& other; Sir, you can wait a few minutes and then into the toilet, let woman in man’s room? The line of female toilets there too long & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; At about 11 noon yesterday, near the guangzhou yuexiu park next to a free public toilets, several female students staged a & other; Occupy men’s & throughout; The behavior of the art. They hope that through this activity, cause the government and society, to the attention of the men and women toilet a disequilibrium problem and eliminate the phenomenon of female toilet line up in a public place.

lines men such as the lady’s empty city

& other; Occupy men’s & throughout; The sponsor of the event is female college student li wheat (not his real name). As a female, she says, go to the bathroom in a public place often require long queues, when chatting with friends also found that many women feel helpless.

wheat: li & other; On the surface, men’s and women’s toilets 1:1 now, is the equality between men and women, but men’s and women’s physical structure is different, like to spend time, actual it is inequality. Throughout the &;

wheat li said, considering the women line up the toilet has been commonplace, in order to wake people’s numb nerves, to the attention of the society and government, she and her friends decide to get into this & other; Occupy men’s & throughout; The behavior of the art.

at about 11 noon yesterday, lee wheat and several female college students together with & other; Props & throughout; Went to the yuexiu park at the side of free public toilets. Have long queues formed at this point, the lady’s room, and the door of the men’s room without a line. Lee wheat friends held up two homemade CARDS, a letter & other; Take care of women from & lsquo; Convenient & rsquo; Start & throughout; And the other is written & other; Women are more & lsquo; Convenient & rsquo; Throughout, greater gender equality &; .

& other; Sir, you can wait a few minutes and then into the toilet, let woman in man’s room? The line of female toilets there too long & hellip; & hellip; Someone has been quick to suppress & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; They walk to ready to go to the men’s room before men say the words. Some men scratching their heads, but after explaining or agreed.

female college students to citizens also has sent a letter to men. They called for in the letter: to pass legislation to increase public toilets in the lady’s figures, ratio should be at least 2 to 1.

men’s toilet wife also often praise increase the lady

a just from men’s toilet miss huang said, she and her boyfriend go out to play, the boyfriend to go to the toilet for 1 minute it came out, but she had to spend at least ten minutes.

from guangdong university of foreign studies, wang said, smiling boys and girls, but the toilet set 1:1, lead to many men idle, the lady’s packed. She suggested that draw lessons from Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places, improve the proportion of the lady’s room.

wu said understand waiting outside. , he said, you go shopping with my wife go to the toilet, wife often to line for a long time, he also have to wait a long time. & other; If can really improve the lady’s toilet, it is the progress of the society. I think the lady’s hole if at least twice as many men’s room is enough. Throughout the &;

according to our newspaper reported last year, the guangzhou CPPCC Han Zhipeng proposed by local legislation regulation building, rebuilding, in the form of the toilet, to increase the number of the lady’s building area and the toilet, make clear a regulation of female toilet for male toilet 1.5 times.

for Han Zhipeng proposal, in March 2011, the city ChengGuanWei specifically formulated for the implementation opinion on how to improve public toilets female toilet a proportion “, put forward to the future guangzhou building, rebuilding and expansion of public toilets in public places, men and women ratio not less than 1 to 1. 5. Guangzhou ChengGuanWei will also through legislation, formulate the measures for the administration of the guangzhou public toilets, explicitly stipulated in the “method”, the men and women a ratio of 1:1. 5 for compulsory execution.