Female mortician three months pregnant colleague smile say music is the unborn baby

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/ keep the girls in heaven

& other; I can honestly say with baby, mother is a funeral. Throughout the &; Our correspondent Yang Qian/article our correspondent lee/sc

a funeral home, is a place of mixed emotions; In the funeral home work, more is a special profession.

some people say that work is a pleasure, can savor the taste of the funeral work, bitter, sour, spicy, salty few sweetness.

in such a special industry, our reporter met three young girl:

they endured the pressure of ordinary people can’t imagine, every day in the face of death, only for each of the deceased to leave with dignity.

their work let a person feel cold, they are with sincere to comfort the families of the deceased grief of heart.

there is a data more telling their precious: city funeral home a total of 165 employees, of which the female staff 64 people, the only three women employees are in direct contact with the dead; Yuhang first funeral home employs 28 people, of which only three female employees in a line; Yuhang second funeral home a total of 20 people, only two female employees; 41 xiaoshan funeral home workforce, women account for up to seven, none in a line.

the women workers in the funeral industry is rare. The originally frail them, what is guided stick down in this line? Let’s listen to that no one can share their stories.

feng teng Howard: music is three months pregnant, unborn baby sorrows

& other; I can honestly say with baby, mother is a funeral. Throughout the &;

about Ta: feng teng Howard, hunan people, 28 this year, in the first funeral home work yuhang, move resin, resin, makeup, cosmetic, cremation, unloading MC, etc., were her scope of work, for six years.

first met, she dressed black pants, black looks handsome, skin fair-skinneds in vain, plunge into a ponytail.

may be in for a long time sad environment, feng teng Howard’s few smile on the face, always keep a composure and calm.

why did you choose this line, feng teng Howard has a unique reason

in their hometown, at that time my teacher died of liver cancer, his funeral only trumpet the elderly into the home and assist to handle affairs.

the farewell party, makeshift small auditorium, no flowers surrounded by only a few trees and plaited ruff dotted with white silk monotonously.

when I hear people say, if have the mortician in, the teacher will not walk so simple. From then on, I know there is such a professional, dedicated service to the dead.

so, feng teng Howard admitted to hunan changsha civil administration occupation technical college, opted for the funeral. When parents say, professional casually, but they must obey the arrangement. After graduation, the parents gave her two choices, one is going to power bureau, the other is a logistics, go to school for girls, is a secure a good job.

can be stubborn feng teng Howard chose insist, she alone came to the relatives of hangzhou, was assigned to yuhang first funeral home. & other; I wanted to use it. Throughout the &;

just for a month, feng teng Howard has been lost. Strangers are not speak everyday of the deceased. & other; Remember the first time you contact with the dead, the in the mind particularly uncomfortable, evening nightmares, dreams can appear strange creatures, also don’t know what it is, is very upset. Throughout the &;


a nightmare, fire chemical industry as a whole more than a year, but feng teng Howard insisted down, and with the work of a male colleague to do the deserters.

as the work time is more and more long, feng teng Howard also became a leftover woman. & other; Phase a few times, but a heard that work in funeral home, the husband is broken. This is also can’t. Throughout the &; She is with a wry smile.

& other; Marriage internally & throughout; , & other To follow & throughout; , & other Anonymity & throughout; Is a mirror of the mortician. TengDeFeng is & other; Marriage internally & throughout; One of them. She became last year’s home, the husband is the driver in the funeral home, this let parents put heart.

because of the work, the phoenix teng Howard’s mood became very clearly. She said she used to love to laugh, very cheerful, now changed. At home, she likes watching comedies, adjust oneself mood, never watch horror movies, & other; Can’t frighten yourself! Throughout the &;

feng teng Howard shyly told reporters that she is pregnant for three months. Do not watch carefully, still can’t see micro convex lower abdomen. & other; Colleagues are kidding, baby hear music most of the unborn baby’s sorrows. Throughout the &;

& have spent

Wang Yuanyuan: because curiosity, into the line

& other; I’m not afraid, it is a love, what makes these people walked so pain. Throughout the &;

about Ta: Wang Yuanyuan, xuzhou, jiangsu province, this year 29 years old, also in yuhang first funeral home, is now a departures.

contact Wang Yuanyuan, she smiles, LianQu at ordinary times a face of serious. & other; Can not go to work time, easy. Throughout the &;

completely because of curiosity, she was into the line. In my hometown, because of the regional customs, maiden girl can’t be in and out of the funeral home, so the old man died in the home, Wang Yuanyuan always can’t send the family member finally a ride.

& other; What on earth is there? Throughout the &; Such curiosity, kept until the eve of the university entrance exam to fill volunteer. She insisted, fill in the hunan changsha civil administration funeral professional vocational and technical college. But parents can only hope that she turned professional.

probably natural action, either in college or in the unit, she always behaves in a crisis, assumes that & other; Never lose to their male colleagues. Throughout the &;

in the face of each corpse in need of help, Wang Yuanyuan being unusually seriously. & other; I’m not afraid, is feeling the pinch, what let these people go so pain and sufferings, recognition. Throughout the &; Once, an old man died because of car accident, is completely separated from the head and body, he broke a leg. Families in order to leave a full body, Wang Yuanyuan and colleagues work for nearly four hours to complete, as a complex surgery.

sometimes, she looked at his hands, and give the deceased cleaning, stitching, makeup, back home with the same hands holding her 5-year-old son, cook, even she would find incredible.

& other; At home, I never talk about work. Throughout the &; Wang Yuanyuan said with a smile, for the job, in fact there is a big psychological burden, but as long as adjust good, actually can be public or private. & other; Thank my husband, for I enlightened in-laws. Throughout the &;

talking about marriage, she a face of happiness, her husband is a businessman, don’t mind her work.

a strong woman, worthy of love.