Female nurses to hang a condom catwalk shows performance art spread knowledge of contraception

& other; Flower general age, water general appearance throughout the &; The best things in the world is, we always used to describe an energetic college students. In the romantic campus life, he met her, collision sparks of love; His foolish, with her impulse often ate the forbidden fruit, body and mind and therefore. On September 26, is the world’s contraception, shenyang a maternity hospital nurse took to the streets, with alternative modelling to attract people’s attention in the contraceptive knowledge.

shocked: the girl wearing a condom go T stage

10, on September 26th LiaoZhan crowded underground mall.

I saw four beautiful young woman dressed in a black dress, wearing a mask, standing on the runway. Citizen watches a look, very shocked: the girls in the colorful, full of condoms!

& other; This way of propaganda also too different! I looked at all sorry. Throughout the &; Citizens liu said: & other; It was in this way to promote birth control, it’s unbelievable! Throughout the &; Of ms li said & other; This propaganda really attract attention, but the visit to look at the dress strange girl, where will think of this is to spread knowledge of contraception? Throughout the &; Activity leader told reporters that the girls is a hospital nurse, they are in the mall with this other way of advertising this year’s world contraceptive day, is to want to come to the attention of young people, especially college students.

example: most college students do stream of people 8 times

& other; Every year just after winter and summer vacation, the hospital can always see such a scene: pairs of young people standing outside the door, crying girls and boys. Throughout the &; Shenyang a hospital professor wang said: & other; Needless to say, it must be because of pregnancy to do stream of people. Throughout the &; Professor wang told shenyang evening news reporter, after the summer and winter vacation is the peak period of female college students do stream of people, there are more than 10 people, every day in the majority with freshman and sophomore students, and the youngest is only 12 years old. & other; And girl three months eat lettuce drink water only, just to save money do surgery, the special weak, look at love dearly. Throughout the &;

tell shenyang evening news reporter, professor wang has done more than 3 times people, basically a lifetime cannot be pregnant. & other; Can a 20-something girl I’ve ever seen was made eight people, the result than paper thin wall of the uterus, in this life I’m afraid it’s hard to pregnancy. Throughout the &;

sorry: after 90 girl after stream of people jumping

a shenyang university junior at small beautiful beautiful, young, cute, was recognized in the class & other; Class flower & throughout; . A year ago, accidentally met a confronting the boy would fall in love, it was not long before the two people in the questionnaires.then cohabitation.

& other; At that time we wish every moment together, the in the mind that he is the man who I must marry. Throughout the &; Xiao li said. Xiao li found a few months later, his accidental pregnancy! & other; I asked him to accompany me to the hospital do stream of people, he was afraid, say what all not, also scold me and asked to break up. I despair but to beg girlfriends to accompany me to the hospital. Throughout the &; Xiao li said.

do stream of people, mixed with a weak small beautiful girlfriends back to the dormitory, which ChengXiang from outside waiting for her parents are now in the dormitory to see xiao li. & other; After my parents know, kept big scold me hopeless, scold I failed to live up to them. Throughout the &; Scolding from the building. Small beautiful unbearable scolding and the criticism of the classmate, unexpectedly fly leap, jumped down from the third floor. Fortunately, dormitory building is a piece of grass, small beautiful not life threatening, just hurt his legs. (internship reporter Tang Xinmeng word and perturbation)