Female painter Angle explanation “four talented woman” in ancient China (FIG.)

“the four big woman figure”

in China for thousands of years of history, anonymous female annals, famous & other; A talented & throughout; But a handful of the & other; Four women in ancient China & throughout; , there are two kinds of folk, said today (Monday) for ZhuoWenJun, CAI wenji, waner shangguan, li qingzhao, another story for ZhuoWenJun, matchmaker, CAI wenji, li qingzhao, the 38 women’s day this year been voted & other; The new four throughout the beauty &; Famous female painter jun-ying wang in her “four big woman figure” expressed their different ideas. Jun-ying wang believes that China’s traditional folk parlance & other; The big four talented woman & throughout; Division standard of vague and general concept, has no credibility, should from the perspective of piano, chess, calligraphy and painting to be judged.

in the four women figure, jun-ying wang overthrow the folk tradition of & other; Four women in ancient China & throughout; , respectively from the piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, the selection of different areas of the four ancient women & other; National representative & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; CAI wenji, wonderful view, WeiFuRen, GuanDaoSheng. Jun-ying wang, said CAI wenji play the song “Hu Jia 18 clap” is the eternal, wonderful view is recorded in the history of go female star, a & other; Holy book & throughout; Wang xizhi calligraphy first teacher WeiFuRen calligraphy of ancient and modern woman first never disputed, & other; They judged the yuan crown & throughout; GuanDaoSheng Zhao Meng e ? ? ˉ wife called & LDQ Not a lady & throughout; Also. Jun-ying wang thinks, from the piano, chess, calligraphy and painting are chosen as one of the criteria to redefine & other; Four women in ancient China & throughout; Than the general and selected should be more scientific and convincing.