Feminist subway play behavior art contentious: can I SAO you cannot interference (figure)

two volunteers to protest against the behavior of the performance art in Shanghai metro, has aroused the attention of passers-by and netizens

news source: @ feminist voices: in protest at @ Shanghai subway 2: women wear less & other; Don’t be sexual harassment to blame & throughout; Inappropriate comments, today at noon, some female volunteers in Shanghai to performance art in the subway line 2. The slogan for & other; Be cool don’t Wolf & throughout; , & other; I can not faze SAO you & throughout; .

June 20,

at night, Shanghai metro second co., LTD. The official weibo & other; The Shanghai subway two shipment & throughout; Issued a weibo: & other; Take the subway, dressed as such, are not harassed, just strange. The Wolf is more, be dozen, werewolf war, girl, please self-respect! Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; Distribution diagram is a young woman dressed in a black silk yarn dress, the back of because of the fabrics is fully thin, that other people can easily see the women’s underwear, is indeed very sexy.

but remind that weibo, attracted a lot of online criticism. Some netizens believe that wear exposure exposure is not a matter of choice, no one can be sexual harassment as excuse for others. The net friend & other; Great river Joe jiu & throughout; Argues that if no provisions of laws or subway operation regulations, she can’t wear, then there is no power, & other; According to your theory, the swimming pool is not all men are going to lift to a woman? Throughout the &;

Internet & other; The snow fell clear up & throughout; Is the truth: & other; You are maintaining passenger safety, don’t blame mistakes, don’t give criminals more perfect! Throughout the &;

but this part and the attitudes of Internet users, the other side is a support & other; The Shanghai subway two shipment & throughout; The voice. & other; Dressed in public places should pay attention to the occasion, this is at least common sense and morality! Even that common sense will be questioned? Is funny! Throughout the &; The netizens think, subway operation is the official weibo, friendly reminder, should be completely, there is no need to apologize. The net friend & other; @ the airport station Wang Bilei service team & throughout; Of young men and women also say: now low-cut blouses and skirts, clairvoyant outfit, such as all-encompassing, has led some people to have the feeling of a dream, & other; What’s more the path of the harassment, so we in the criticism of the perpetrator is also want to reflect on one’s own body language? Throughout the &;

and yesterday morning, as the debate continued, two young women in Shanghai metro line 2, dressed in a black robe and ordinary clothes make the man, his face covered with color plate, letter & other; I can SAO, you can’t faze & throughout; , & other Be cool don’t Wolf & throughout; , to the Shanghai subway two protests. The two women volunteers behavior art immediately attracted attention, female newspaper official weibo & other; The voice of women’s rights & throughout; It support, and called for women should have the authority of the body and object of sexual harassment.

Internet & other; A Buddy & throughout; After see this behavior art expresses very recognition, he thought, if let some people say that a & other; Women wear less is the temptation of male crime & throughout; , the end result is every woman should be dressed in thick clothes can be allowed to go out. In normal society, a person even naked walking in the street, you can call the police, but you can’t assault her, this is basic common sense. The net friend & other; @ I met wang can you & throughout; Also said, should face up to the female in the society and the historical position, fight for the rights and interests should be, self-esteem self-reliance, not down and imprison by the patriarchal thought, this is the women’s rights, & other; In & lsquo; Women & rsquo; And & lsquo; Man & rsquo; Before, you must first independent person. Throughout the &;

the two volunteers behavior art attracted a lot of discussion, the two sides also continued debate, many people still points out, & other; The Shanghai subway two shipment & throughout; Released the triggered heated debate weibo, although it is to reduce the occurrence of some sexual harassment and recommendations, but words are really inappropriate. As for netizens dispute about this matter, also in a sense, but also please understand subway attentively, & other; Hope that both sides can have a good attitude to properly handle the dispute. Throughout the &; Reporter wei-bin Chen report