Feng yuxiang why Beijing coup or received zhang xueliang five hundred thousand

this article from the in bits and pieces of the republic of China, the author: AnKun, press: new star press

in 1923, before his 50th birthday, a lot of people have sent Lao wu valuable gifts, but only water, but only gave him a jar and euphemistically called & other; Imperial jade & throughout; , pure natural, pollution-free & other; Holy water & throughout; . Wu p ‘ei-fu very speechless, someone asked: & other; General feng, you where the water come from? Throughout the &; Feng yuxiang said: & other; Yuquan hill, the world a big spring. Throughout the &; Wu p ‘ei-fu said: & other; Shipped so far, it’s hard you hand. Throughout the &; Then laofeng men boldly said: & other; Without hard work, from our camp big urn spoon. Throughout the &;

on July 2, 1928, feng yuxiang by American time magazine selected as the cover. The issue of time magazine reports of feng yuxiang cover opening is this: he stood six feet tall. He is not a slight yellow race, but a head and big, tan skin, is very kind, the bible in your hands or put in my pocket devout Christian, marksman, the master of the world’s largest private army. Today, such a person is the one of the most strong of China: feng yuxiang marshal.

Zhao Dengyu soldiers under feng yuxiang, grow height ma. Once, laofeng ask: & other; Xiao zhao, you grow so tall, dare to dare not to wrestle with me? Throughout the &; Zhao said: & other; You broke? Throughout the &; Laofeng said: & other; See you have the skill. Throughout the &; So unceremoniously dropped the feng zhao three somersaults frighten forward: zhao partner & other; General Zhao Dengyu, your boy dare to fall, you finished! Throughout the &; The next day, laofeng run to find Zhao Dengyu: & other; You give me break the ranks, later when I guard officer! Throughout the &;

in the spring of 1938, feng yuxiang to by train to go near the gate after get off – eat millet gruel and corn. Laofeng q: & other; What’s the wedding today? So busy? Throughout the &; Sell porridge: & other; Heard that is general feng yuxiang to come. Throughout the &; Laofeng crossed the ground to say: & other; Feng yuxiang to get so busy? Throughout the &; Sell porridge: & other; Yes, general feng is big officer. Throughout the &; Laofeng said: & other; Feng yuxiang but he is also a normal man, have you ever seen? Throughout the &; Sell porridge: & other; Haven’t seen, heard that is very good, this guy is like to steal the concubine. Throughout the &; Laofeng said: & other; Shandong clique’s that you say, I’m feng yuxiang, when what I grabbed the somebody else be? ! Throughout the &;

feng yuxiang often let the soldiers take off shoes and socks, to cut their toenails. A soldier was von punishment for drinking, not wash feet for three months, a take off their shoes stink, he would tell people satisfiedly: & other; This time I must let general von dizzy, be sure to smelly dead he! Throughout the &;

the central plains war, the central army air force assistant, feng yuxiang forces a lot of people are frightened at the sight of the plane urine trousers. Laofeng to settle that ask everyone: & other; You say, the air plane is much more or the crow? Throughout the &; A: all & other; The crow. Throughout the &; Laofeng said: & other; But the crow move bowels fall on top of you? Throughout the &; & other; No. Throughout the &; Laofeng said: & other; So, the plane bombing, even less chance to hit, you don’t have to be afraid. Throughout the &;

feng yuxiang to Beijing coup is not high because of his consciousness, but received five hundred thousand yuan zhang xueliang, this thing is a pastor in the United States with the pimp. This is the word of zhang xueliang.

Feng yuxiang

the soldiers often use violence, every soldier mistakes, small penalty kneeling, bang, a belt, or shot. Song zheyuan suppressed by feng hit a bottom, with sole Han Fu moment was von played clubs, wait for after its full-fledged, ran to the Chiang kai-shek mixed up there.

with zhang xun feng yuxiang with army stationed yanzhou, two armies marched, feng sit with a car. Zhang’s fart dian fart to run: & other; Report a guard, our troops have shipped out, but Feng Dashuai team didn’t set out, order is a mess, like a bunch of ants, laugh die me! Throughout the &; Big scold: & other; F * * king thing, don’t bullshit, I sat is Feng Dashuai! Throughout the &; Laofeng calmly took one white zhang xun, said: & other; Wilt chamberlain, you true his mama didn’t upbringing. Throughout the &;

ch ‘en kung-po, said feng yuxiang that abstinence, not prostitution, gambling, smoking pipes, don’t let the soldiers prostitution, gambling, smoking pipes, every time his soldiers to hankou, all big fuck big bet.

in 1927, feng yuxiang, yu xian in the northern expeditionary army. One day, make the city clean, carrying a large broom feng, for carrying a large shovel is walking, suddenly, feng will broom held high, fierce on the ground, then loudly shouted: & other; Down with imperialism! Throughout the &; To come in, also raised shovels, should way: & other; Wipe out the traitorous warlords! Throughout the &;

xi ‘an liberation of the women’s movement, have the students parade, wrote & other; Down with wife and mother! Throughout the &; Feng yuxiang see after, shake head a way: & other; However, the world also! Throughout the &;

in 1929, Chiang kai-shek against feng yuxiang, Hao Pengju estimates make uncertain, jiang feng feng run out to zhengzhou a ZaoTangZi, then make a hotel, a special abducted woman. Feng heard that cursed: after & other; This boy zha didn’t sell his old niang turn past hue! Throughout the &; Feng men said: & other; His old niang’s ugly as hell, and no one dared to go whoring, afraid frighten to death. Throughout the &;

Joe lee feng yuxiang and married, active in the women’s movement. In a speech: & other; Women’s marriage, that is, engaged in the family; While men still in social work, always make progress. So how can women’s and men’s competition? Throughout the &; In order to improve the level of women’s knowledge, she make a & other; The capital women’s academic research & throughout; , in addition to let the women to learn cultural knowledge, but also teach them to drive and live firing. Laofeng often nodded admiration: & other; Good daughter-in-law! Throughout the &;