Fifteen: super disasters to human world rogue food crisis such as black hole (figure)

let’s face it now! Humans are spare no effort to ravaged earth, and over the long term, we will live here will feel more and more uncomfortable, unless we can make things fast moving in the right direction. In theory, human beings should have the ability to deal with these problems, long live on the earth. Unfortunately, there are some things we cannot cope with, for instance, some natural disasters, we human beings cannot be predicted, and therefore cannot be prepared ahead of time, these natural disasters are likely to destroy human.

1. Super volcanoes

super volcanoes

you know super volcano how serious? Bill bryson in his “a brief history of everything with almost an entire chapter to introduce super volcanoes huge destructive. In America, for example, as long as there is a super volcanic eruption, domestic produced huge energy will destroy thousands of kilometres of the range of all things. In the whole country is covered by 6 to 20 meters of ash. The United States, Canada and Mexico most of people will die. Then there will be a long winter, basalt and many other dire consequences. We can’t predict the earth when detonation, the sixth is super volcanoes will but apparently simmering Huang Shiju the crater of the volcano. It may attack at any moment, destruction of human on the earth.

2. Solar flares

solar flares

large-scale solar storms could lead to human destruction. Although this heat is not too much, but the strong electromagnetic pulse (EMP) will mean that all technological devices on earth will be destroyed. All electronic products will be failure, nothing can stop the process. Do you think, don’t have any electronic instrument, society can also as usual for a long time? Think you would be wrong, so first of all, you will see those hot or too cold areas have a large number of deaths. Suppose you Minneapolis survived the cold winter, in the United States but our agriculture project towards collapse, then, we can get food from other places of the network paralysis. Widespread hunger will starve to death a lot of people, eventually destroy life.