Film train accident young to train derailed: error need to pay a heavy price

2005 American film “train wreck”

this movie based on a true event. The story took place in the summer of 1982, Peter and his friends often play in the evening to railway track, take this summer in Montreal to kill time. One night, their careless move switch, causing a train derailment, and leads to the conductor. Then these teenagers were taken to court, though they were only 14 and 16, but in view of the serious consequences, the judge or the trial as adults, teenagers eventually paid a terrible price for his fault.


the train accident

the original title: Tracks

alias: no content

director: Peter wade

starring: Chris gunn | ace | John & middot; Hurd

theme type: crime drama |

running time: 92 min

country/region: the United States

opening date: September 9, 2005



language categories: English