Finnish design museum spring show: disabled women prosthesis can wear high heels

for women lose a leg, there is no better gift for her prosthetic wear high heels. In Finland spring design museum exhibition, an Israeli female designers for disabled women with carbon fiber composite materials designed a prosthesis were dressed in black stockings and high heels, exquisite pass on women’s physical and mental double shirt.

the sponsored by the Finnish design museum, museum of yucca Mr Walter lane, associate director of the planning of the design world & ndash; & ndash; design new world “exhibition, as & other; Throughout the 2012 Helsinki world design capital &; An important part of activities, will be to the various fields of contemporary design and the society, ecology, the significance of the individual level.

& other; Throughout the world design capital &; Is a city promotion plan through praise the design value, appointed by the international designer association, by the international association of industrial design competition, held every two years, awarded to a city each time, each entrant is dedicated to provide you with display design results of the platform, through the design for city inject new vitality.

after the Seoul in 2010, & other; The design of & throughout; Honor belongs to Helsinki this year.

& other; Throughout the 2012 Helsinki world design capital &; And Helsinki since hosting the Olympics in 1925 once again to show itself to the world, has brought together top designers from all over the world, such as the Netherlands own Boontje Campana brothers, Brazil and Britain’s Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby, etc.

some of the world’s most creative minds, faced with the problem of design will be how to deal with a rapidly changing world challenges and needs? Design can be used to solve the social problems or improve people’s quality of life and well-being?

therefore, & other; Design throughout the world &; At the present problem, with reference to international and Finnish design concept, product project, provide solutions for people. It from a global perspective to present the latest contemporary design, emphasizing the diversity and openness. From all continents of the world that design case within.

, for example, the scarcity of the African continent, South African designers strive to resolve the contradiction between man and nature, a called & other; The Q drum & throughout; Circular plastic water receiver, simple like a tire, but it can be used as a storage container, is also more relaxed human water tools.

embarks from the practical and humanized, & other; Design throughout the world &; Progress in ecological design, and has the sense of responsibility of design, the design is more close to our life from different angles. It also affirmed the new technology and new material in the important value of contemporary design, and through the aalto university 365 & other; Well-being throughout design exploration and experiment &; Specific plans to design process.

in & other; Welfare design exploration and experiment & throughout; Space, visitors can participate in the process of design change. Aalto university, for example, wood plan has been to build the temporary housing crisis, tourists can personally inspection.