First response to “fight small three” : the often want to give up the marriage

& other; Deal with small three, what do you think of his wife’s wisdom is how to do? Throughout the &; & other; Why choose marriage? Have you ever give up the idea of? With what faith until now? Throughout the &; & hellip; & hellip;

10 o ‘clock yesterday morning, the writer online interaction for an hour, and readers and this is her in weibo & other; Small three fights & throughout; First public appearance since event, so, netizens have thrown questions big torture.

in the face of all kinds of spicy questions, always very calm, use & other; Punches have means to resist & throughout; Van son hold lived (shock).

the detachment from the has been completely see through marriage. However, this & other; Through & throughout; , clearly showing the exhaustion and helpless.

10 4 points, there is a net friend naked to ask & other; Processing small three, wife how do you think are most wisdom & throughout; . & other; Each one deal with each problem, others just reference. You ask your own heart, nothing to do with others. Feelings this thing, what wisdom is really can’t help a lot. Throughout the &; Last sentence, let a person feel she is some quite helpless.

and then, there is a net friend ask, ever want to give up the marriage. & other; I choose to marriage because I like the family life. At the same time I am a normal person, often want to give up. But the person that works, mostly can overcome their shortcomings difficult path choice. Often look dangerous road, walking, also. Throughout the &; The said.

& other; , some people say that marriage go later will find that in fact no matter who we marry, as long as it’s not too hate that person can be a lifetime, the marriage will eventually really let a person so tired? Throughout the &; The net friend & other; Summer students DE darling & throughout; Q.

this problem, the answer very great philosophy: & other; Marriage is a man of practice, has nothing to do with him. Throughout the &;

at the sharp end, some netizens are for the – asked & other; Pectoralis major, you have a brain, top hall, go into the kitchen, still was betrayal, and five years. Let women favor where in the world? There was a problem in which link? Throughout the &;

& other; This world, the problem is the norm, not a problem is abnormal. Do you want to see, do not understand naturally gain how important it is. Throughout the &; The said she is not sad.

in the end, the also inculcate, & other; Choose what kind of person is not the key to happy life. Your ability to have a happy, is the key to happy life. Because of combination can change, can’t change myself. Throughout the &;