Fixation Wu Mi life wife girlfriends After the divorce to finding love people scold (FIG.)

Wu Mi life did not catch up with the early socialite Mao Yanwen divorce to finding love scold

Mao Yanwen

Wu Mi

Wu Mi life, disputed a lot, & other; Crazy & throughout; Also did a lot of, his best friend to his wife & ndash; & ndash; Mao Yanwen 20 years of unrequited love, but also become the people like to talk about the past sing. Mao Yanwen might be a crisis, and attracted Wu Mi use life to pursue?

1 to destroy life first love

Mao Yanwen every period of love be clear-cut.

and all small jasper, Mao Yanwen of marriage set at age 9, father promised her a party name is his best friend’s eldest son. At the age of 16, Mao Yanwen earning women’s normal school. Critics fear that she might run away to marry formally. Mao Yanwen risk by government capture, escaped. In her hometown, remote jiangshan county, zhejiang province, it is unheard of indecent matter big news, someone just put the story into a novel. “MAO female could remember.”

Mao Yanwen told everyone, is for the sake of a beloved: cousin Zhu Junyi. Mao Yanwen grandmother is Zhu Junyi grandma, Mao Yanwen call him & other; The elder brother of the five & throughout; , they grew up together, & other; Throughout, very loving &; . Both parents finally know the minds of the children just let their engagement. Could this all down to comedy reap the field.

then, new youth Zhu Junyi from tsinghua university to study in Columbia University. In 1922, suffering from thoughts of Mao Yanwen finally back to 5 years Zhu Junyi unseen, but she found that time has drawn the deep rift between them. A year later, Zhu Junyi break off an engagement is put forward. Empathy don’t love the people never lack an excuse to break off an engagement of Zhu Junyi reason is: first, there’s no real love each other; Second, relatives can’t get married; Third, the temperament is two people.

although later Zhu Junyi to break off an engagement letter burned in front of you, but it breaks Mao Yanwen heart, she lives in the same area and Zhu Junyi, but & other; Has become a passer-by, cut set & throughout; . The deeper the so-called love, hate it grows. In the summer of 1924, personally by Mrs Xiong Xiling Zhu Jihui lady, help the broken off his engagement to alive, more than ten years feelings since then.

1 years later, Zhu Junyi married woman into words really. Mao Yanwen sent his message said & other; Water YongQing, LangShan Ann & throughout; , & other; LangShan must water & throughout; The vows of love was Zhu Junyi to Mao Yanwen. Two injured by the feeling, never meet each other from now on.

in 1963, when Mao Yanwen learned Zhu Junyi when news of the death in Shanghai, write the epitaph jun yi long, about the almost ruined his life the first love of a man to do the following conclusion: you are the creator of all my life I encounter, is was not to start. If I don’t have been in your love with her, especially marriage as a fact. I probably would have children into HangReWuShi, drifting life ordinary and see themselves as happy. If have no you, I may not be affected by higher education, more regardless of study abroad. If don’t know about you, I may not solitary zero lifelong, bumpy life.

2 also destroyed others life

Wu Mi and Zhu Junyi are old friend, when I was in America, he had read the letter to Mao Yanwen Zhu Junyi, he is eager to oneself also can hit such a romantic love, he is the have never met a girl take a English name Hellen· M (hereinafter referred to as H· M), the Chinese & other; Helen & throughout; . Or, when Wu Mi have Mao Yanwen dark feelings.

Wu Mi see Mao Yanwen for the first time, he just got married more than 10 days, his wife is Irvin Mao Yanwen lake county woman’s classmate, personal relationship is good. This & other; The butterflies, lively attitude & throughout; A new lady caught Wu Mi heart. Flash marriage Wu Mi some regret, he said & other; I am a penny wise, pound foolish man & throughout; . He has some regret, but can only be settled down to and Irvin before marriage.

Zhu Junyi and Mao Yanwen engagement, Wu Mi seem to come alive again. Then Wu Mi modulated to ask foreign language, tsinghua university Mao Yanwen is working in the zhejiang provincial government, in order to see Mao Yanwen, Wu Mi six degrees south, also Mao Yanwen repeatedly invited to Beijing, work for her everywhere, when Mao Yanwen said want to go abroad to study abroad, he also give her tuition fees. Pursuit of Wu Mi Mao Yanwen not did not move, but her relationship with Zhu Junyi fail due to third party involvement, so she doesn’t want to Wu Mi with Irvin due to the interference of her divorce.

Mao Yanwen firm in this relationship, “Wu Mi diary recorded: (1) she regards me as her good friend; (2) in Jennings (Zhu Junyi), she never have the feeling of love to anyone; (3) if the environment forced her to marry, she only want to marry a man never married.

but Wu Mi into bitter love cannot extricate oneself, in the autumn of 1929 Mao Yanwen study in the United States at the university of Michigan, Wu Mi follow, in the name of visiting study in Europe, before the divorce formalities Irvin. He wrote in a poem: & other; Mao Yanwen Wu Mi bitter love, people were surprised smell three state. Divorce defying sages referring contemptuously, money reputation any cloud. Throughout the &;

this paragraph are getting too much blame and bristle is destined to cannot be together, love & other; Plato type love & throughout; Lasted for more than a decade later, Mao Yanwen turned and marry a woman do others. This be the period of bitter love perfect export, Wu Mi friend Chen yinque such analysis: it doesn’t really understand Helen wu, they are two totally different personality & hellip; & hellip; True and Helen wu, also won’t happiness, said they would not understand again make divorced.

twilight Wu Mi into another marriage, failed to stop thinking about Mao Yanwen, he tries to one thousand people from overseas about Mao Yanwen as far afield as the United States. In 1978, Wu Mi alone to the destination. Perhaps, as early as the first, Mao Yanwen has destroyed his life.

3 people leave, the more the fiery love

feeling hurt, often need another love to repair. From 25 to 35, Mao Yanwen emotion course thinking in 10 years: (Zhu Junyi) you give me the lesson is too painful, from now on I lose confidence in man, a veto of the existence of love, breaking up with you after nearly 10 years, although there is no lack of people pursuit, I was refused & hellip; & hellip; With this painful experience, I to marriage has a great guard, so that the long delay.

it is clear that Wu Mi to her not she needs of that kind of deep love. But she didn’t think that love is so brutally broke in. When classmates Zhu Xi about her uncle Xiong Xiling affection for her, predictably Mao Yanwen shock: two people the age disparity 33, different degress, social status cannot be compared. And when Mr Mao Yanwen and Zhu Junyi engagement, it was Xiong Xiling madam Zhu Jihui help remove.

Zhu Jihui died, Xiong Xiling never so enthusiastically pursue a woman: since spoken Zhu Xi day, Xiong Xiling by Peiping south Shanghai, hotel in cangzhou, like send an oath not to marry Mao Yanwen does not return to Peiping. More than two months, only Wu Mi 10 years not breached Xiong Xiling scored at the fort, two people get married.

to outsiders, the marriage is quite incredible, think Mao Yanwen is took a fancy to the bear’s money. In fact, in Mao Yanwen point of view, this marriage naturally, 36, she don’t want to drift from place to place in emotion and life, compared with the Zhu Junyi betrayal, Wu Mi unrealistic romantic, twice older than his Xiong Xiling, be a good end-result.

after marriage, two people love each other, Mao Yanwen quit school and moved to Peiping, concentrate on auxiliary xiong run xiang shan young school. Can be seen from the marriage, xiong wrote poems, bear Mao Yanwen spoiled. Not a good marriage is crushed in 1937 & ndash; & ndash; Xiong Xiling suddenly died in Hong Kong, this section begins with a controversial but rather a happy & other Colors & throughout; The end of such a profound way.

Xiong Xiling died, Mao Yanwen persons under the age of 40. And her feelings for xiong, not only didn’t off fade, xiong has even hotter. Her face portrait guaranteed: & other; I when all my strength, reforming goodness, by following the legacy of jun benefit the lonely, also to quote also to know each other in heaven. Throughout the &;

in the turbulent years of the war, Mao Yanwen running around, struggling in xiangshan kind hospital operation, after efforts, the Salesian school and eventually return to its pre-war, the scale of one thousand people. Mao Yanwen in 1947 as a goodness young court President elected & other Kingdoms & throughout; On behalf of. Shown her, she says, this is XianFu shadow, how can forget.

Mao Yanwen in remembrance, said Zhu Junyi and Xiong Xiling: the former with deepest love and the latter with the longest.