Folk and zhuge liang is a goose feather fan “ugly wife” given by express sincere love

zhuge liang shook his feather fan can be said that no one knows all. But this feather fan where you come from, is unknown.

zhuge liang was born in spirit khan emperor light and four years post all evil county Yang county, a family of officials. Later, the various ge is bright with uncle fled to xiangyang, knot the hermitage, put his ideas into studying. Zhuge liang accidentally heard that have a Huang Guwan woman ahearn, just want to inquire for meeting. Only to be ahearn father longley block at the door. Zhuge liang was longley test to test, shows that knowledge talent, but he broke his daughter is very ugly. Zhuge liang to marry a beautiful wife, then please another job. Zhuge liang was determined, with perseverance, wisdom, and skillfully by friends, finally defeated huang ‘father and set up a series of difficulties and finally win their hearts.

actually, ahearn not only knowledgeable, and not ugly. Zhuge liang invention MuNiu LiuMa, legend is invented from the ahearn taught skills. Jingzhou area of specialty, according to legend part manufacturing or invented by ahearn.

about a goose feather fan, folk story doing the rounds. O ugly schooled in teacher, art into the mountain, the teacher give her a goose feather fan, saying & other; Ming & throughout; , & other Bright & throughout; The word. Also in the word, dense hid in a tactic to gain ground, business. And commanded her, have bright two words in the name, is your mr.right. Later longley son-in-law is YinXiao stayed pending the longzhong, they know the world in the name of the three points & other; Ming & throughout; , & other Bright & throughout; The word of the shu zhuge liang in the future. Married, ahearn took a goose feather fan as a gift to zhuge liang. Ahearn asked zhuge liang, & other; Various ge Sir, you know send lup purpose? Throughout the &; Zhuge liang said: & other; Is the kindness ceremony light weight. Throughout the &; Ugly said: o & other; There are the other known? Throughout the &; The various ge is bright a mystery. Ugly said: o & other; Various ge Sir, you just like my father talk about world affairs, I found you, when we talk about, brows locked, worry about, I send you this fan is used to give you below. Throughout the &; Smart ugly girl know, o men of courage to sink, not mood swings, cannot let people find more, and become a big deal.

after zhuge liang had married, o ugly, kongming love a goose feather fan, such as eye, was like peas and carrots. Six qi mountain, or grass boat borrow arrows, such as empty of life and death, he always joggle feather fan, are calm, confident, the odds are in charge. He not only expressed their sincere between a couple is love, is more skilled and counsel on the fan.