Food dog soup Millet noodles to be included in the top ten archaeological discoveries in 2011 in xinjiang (FIG.)

American archaeology magazine recently awarded the top ten archaeological discoveries in 2011, Chinese archaeologists found the warring states period in shaanxi food dog meat soup and millet noodles was found in xinjiang. At the same time from the southern Scotland, Jordan Viking ship buried one thousand found 12000 years ago the neolithic community center of similar arena, the Maya mysterious female rulers burial chamber, and so on. The why to be included in the two thousand years ago, the Chinese food?

in the national culture of eastern and western culture or the nomadic and farming dog or dogs have very different meaning. Farming civilization and nomadic people’s attitude to a dog or dogs are obviously different, until now the dog is still a part of Japan, South Korea and the Chinese one of source of meat, but that in the nomadic or indo-european people completely unbelievable.

on November 25, 2010, the shaanxi provincial institute of archaeology institute of archaeology experts in xianyang airport phase ii archaeological site clean up a warring states tomb of the qin dynasty, found a bronze tripod in its niche. In the 20 cm tall, abdominal diameter of 24 cm bronze dings unexpectedly found half a pot bone soup. According to shaanxi provincial archaeological institute of archaeology of science and technology department minister song-mei hu, the research for the dog bone soup, before that shaanxi shangluo east longshan site (xia shang period) unearthed four complete dog bone, the discovery of ulna and specimens had almost the same. Because epiphyseal not heal, should be a minor puppy. More than two thousand years ago & other; Bone soup & throughout; Are not completely volatile, and burial good airtight conditions as well as good on bronze dings seal.

soubey west cemetery in xinjiang, and the other a group of archaeologists found 2400 years ago by the integrity of the millet noodles, based on the archaeological discoveries, archaeologists can quickly recover the food eaten by Chinese ancient people.

in fact as early as in 2002, archaeologists have found millet noodles in qinghai lajia site, it should be the earliest known human noodles. Qinghai lajia site s around 4000 years ago, is currently China’s only disaster sites, are & other; Oriental Pompeii & throughout; Said. Room was in 20 site ground relics unearthed a noodles strip & ndash; & ndash; A red buckle the earthenware bowl in the ground, a bowl full of mud, when uncovered the earthenware bowl, original beings relics found a bowl, point of view, from the observed visually like noodles of the food has weathered into a very weak state. Noodles all adhere to the above then seep into the soil in earthenware bowl, clay earthenware bowl seal up, buckle the earthenware bowl, and thus preserved the opportunity and conditions. Archaeologists have found very seriously, will be travelling back to Beijing this relic appraisal, finally confirmed the food ingredients is millet.