For ancient books “healing” : hammer, refrigerator, electric rice cooker full use

precious ancient books is bearing the weight of the civilization of heavy memory, but with the passage of time, many ancient books have become scarred.

the library of liaoning province have such a group of & other; The doctor & throughout; , they dedicated to ancient healing, and healing. Recently, the reporter walked into the mysterious ancient books repairing center, visit & other; Throughout ancient doctors &; How to cure the books.

off the page Frozen before & other; Sauna bath & throughout;

figure into the province of the ancient books repairing center, numerous yellow pages on the table, let a person back in time. Wearing white coats a restorer, is preparing for a book thread-bound book do repair in the qing dynasty.

the liaoning province existing ancient documents number about 1.5 million volumes of books, most of the collection in a public library, library of institutions of higher learning, scientific research and institutes, etc. And the library of liaoning province from established at the beginning of the group, have special repairing ancient books in 2009 formally approved by the established & other; National center of ancient books repairing & throughout; .

according to introducing, what needs to be repaired before the ancient books repairing should be first on the frozen in the refrigerator, exist mainly to insecticidal sterilization. Frozen according to repair damaged degree of ancient books, and books to photograph them. After take out stitches when ancient books, unpacking Angle, the official start of the real repair.

a preparation room in the center of the repair, electric rice cooker, water heater. Repair center, according to team leader from ancient books if there is water damage you & other; Take a shower & throughout; , if be affected with damp be affected with damp be hard book brick or adhesion, needs & other; Sauna & throughout; .

the book can not directly contact with the brush, but the book caught in the middle, with two pieces of thin bamboo shade, water heater shower on the bamboo curtain, and then use hair brush scrub, is to have cultured, water temperature is not less than 70 degrees Celsius. Encounter harden & other; Book brick & throughout; , in order to more paging, need to take the book brick after the aluminum box or use the special paper wrapped up, steamed steamed on the drawer, is put in the rice cooker in 20 ~ 30 minutes, and then took advantage of the warm the adhesion of the book page by page.

repairing damaged paste concentration control between 1% ~ 1%

then is damaged, in turn, each page for & other; Treatment & throughout; . See a restorer fingers smoothing a hole in the page, and then use brush dips in paste brush the edges of the hole, then fill paper paste, tear off the excess. Restorer carefully every movement, as if to light fondle an old man’s wound.

from said, the glue a patch looks be like simple, actually there are a lot of attention. First is the choice of filling paper, according to the original book paper texture, color, thickness, etc to choose different paper to repair, the better the closer to the original paper, & other; Find the color depth is consistent paper is very difficult, in general for the color of the paper to be slightly lighter than the original book. Throughout the &;

in addition, to fill a book with the paste is not a mushy but very loose, & other; Is not the same as the paste in the home, to control concentration between 1% ~ 5%. Throughout the &; From said.

under pressure the whole book book machine boil a few days to be a hammer hammer

when a book was good, want to use absorbent paper stack to separate each page, put above letter plate and the town of stone. Reporters saw outside the town book is made of wood, but with QiBaJin heavy, originally inside put tuo’s lead. Town book down a day later, on each pages according to the original line, after on machine, pressure in general a book to half a month to 1 month, the longer the better. Weather days & other; Suffering & throughout; Book is removed after go through a test to really recover, that’s & other Hammer & throughout; . Because books after repair appears unavoidably individual bulge, with a hammer peening at this moment, to bind up finally.

according to introducing, this center will be completed every year more than 200 ancient repair, the equivalent of eight restorer one year only to repair this around 30, & other; There are some books seriously damaged, completely repaired take longer. Fire makes sweet malt, quick. Throughout the &; From said.

Face to face with the


restorer to say:

& other; Doctors save lives, we save the book & throughout;

54 restorer, already figure exactly 20 years engaging in repairing ancient books in the province. She said: & other; The calligraphy is just like a doctor, the doctor is saving lives, and we are saved, careless may not at all. Throughout the &;

it is understood that the eldest of eight restorer repair room, 54, a minimum of 39 years old, are women. & other; To do the job one to talk, and two to sit still, generally young man, I’m afraid not so meditation. Throughout the &; Restorer commentary said.

engaged in this industry, often sit for hours, and always lower the head, almost every restorer is cervical spondylosis and presbyopia, & other; Ancient book just came out layers of dust, quite choking, many of us have pharyngitis. Throughout the &; The commentary said.

in others point of view, the work is monotonous, boring for explanation is: & other; Though very tired, but when I see a broken a melody back in ancient books in my hands, I will find it in your heart happy. Throughout the &;

& other; Scientists invent new things, and we are left precious history and culture to the world. I think we are with the contribution of scientists is the same. Throughout the &; Regrets ground say.

our reporter “war wan qing

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the family collection method

ancient books repairing so complicated, how can we save the home of some rare books? There are several good methods.

1. Often flip case, bookshelf. Long hidden, it is easy to create conditions for insect settled in breeding. Usually, due to the late spring and autumn every year will be hidden book flipping, clean thoroughly.

2. The mouse bite, bug eat by moth. Don’t put food in the bookcase, so as not to attract rats. Can put some of camphor ball in bookcase, paper of jasmine tea, or at the wall shelf sprinkle perfume to insect repellent, and keep the books clean.

3. Avoid sun exposure. Direct sun exposure, can make paper ageing, faded and uneven. Book is the best temperature place below 30 degrees Celsius.

4. To prevent corrosion. Books should not be placed in the vicinity of chemical raw materials, otherwise the paper susceptible to corrosion deterioration. In addition, also want to avoid oily be soiled, ink, rust, non-ferrous chemical contamination of pigment.

5. Prevent be affected with damp be affected with damp. Paper is easy to absorb moisture, so the appropriate books in the bookcase, don’t be on the floor, the corner edge, and close to the easy be affected with damp be affected with damp items (sugar, salt, alkali, soap, etc.), so as to avoid mildew.

6. Beware of fireworks.