For painting “dress” picture for Venus for a second variable dancer (FIG.)

David & middot; the Apollo is CCTV after code, netizens have PS painting dressing & other; Cover up & throughout;

a few days ago, CCTV news channel news live broadcast program, broadcast called “Beijing the bo GuanQing: in one hundred the Renaissance appearance” masterpieces by famous writers, Michelangelo’s David & middot; the Apollo statue is sensitive part Mosaic, although lens is swept away, has attracted netizens, even if the CCTV in the subsequent multiple removed the Mosaic, but it makes the netizens’ creative enthusiasm spurt. A few days ago, a group of paintings and other Dress & throughout; Photo circulating on the Internet, to David & other; The beatles & throughout; In a casual wear, to the Roman god of the goddess Venus & other; Set & throughout; The red chinese-style chest covering & hellip; & hellip; Creative design to make people laugh.

spoof paintings Venus a minute change dancers

many European and American modern art based on the human body, and in the form of a nude show, & other; Mosaic & throughout; After the event, a whim, a net friend on the Internet suggested to start & other Save & throughout; Painting & ndash; & ndash; Is going to give a lot of & other; Naked & throughout; Painting to wear & other; New clothes & throughout; . They are using image processing software for fame & other; Dew point & throughout; The characters of & other; Wear & throughout; The different styles of dress, may seem funny pictures.

can you think of the famous works of art were put on the clothes is what? Angle “spring”, one of the most famous paintings is the net friend to design a pair of, original painting by a girl holding tank water nude image, showed a tranquil and lyrical artistic conception. After the turn, naked girls put on Japanese girls in sailor suit, wearing the black boots. While fiorentina art master botticelli painting creation of “the birth of Venus” also encounter & other; By dressing & throughout; , the original beauty, graceful lines of Vienna & other; A second become dancers & throughout; . In a highly & other; Throughout Christmas & emotional appeal; The red and white collocation of underwear, foot red high-heeled shoes, charm and stroked her hair, and her people were more like in a big Party celebrating Christmas.

according to net friend & other; Sneezing net throughout platinum cheng &; Said: & other; The figure is a few years ago douban netizens make an activity: the vulgar, I dress pictures. This is the appropriate caught. Throughout the &; Critics silence yesterday in an interview with the tianfu morning post reporter interview, although he did not seen net friend of these works, but follow the behavior of netizens and & other; Resist vulgar & throughout; Voice is completely on CCTV & other; Mosaic & throughout; A kind of irony.

experts simply tampered with does not destroy the original painting

put on new clothes just beautiful not beautiful works of art? Netizen opinions vary, someone says this & let us see the painting the other; Approachable & throughout; , also some people said this is purely a spoof. The net friend & other; No sweet without sweat wood nationalities throughout & flowers; Said: & other; Art should keep its original appearance to pursue its integrity, things get a secretive, neither fish nor fowl, lost its original value. Throughout the &;

and Internet parody destroyed the original artistic lasting appeal? Critics HangChunXiao means that this simple tampering with no damage to the original painting, and other The concept and aesthetic relations. Throughout the &; He thinks, if this happen in CCTV & other; Mosaic & throughout; Before the event, do not cause such a big discussion, & other; Because there are many way of transformation of contemporary art, netizens works only on both visual resources to use again, this kind of thing often happens before, the simplest is to give the Mona Lisa painting two beard. Throughout the &;

about on nude art appreciation, art critic Zhang Yingchuan said the museum, the museum of the paintings in this type of display is too little, also in the performance of these classic painting naked beauty know enough, & other; Not every girl naked, holding a jar water, are in “spring” the young girl. Throughout the &; But in HangChunXiao view, bare and works of art are two different things, for & other; Naked aesthetics & throughout; Discussion of what is already in the 80 s. Now the TV, movie works have nudity, everyone has become accustomed to.

the tianfu morning post reporter Duan Zhen intern reporter Liang Qing