Foreign heads of state of life in the Chinese food menu: Beijing roast duck, lamb flavor

to former British prime minister Gordon brown and & other New Ma Xing & throughout; Restaurant service personnel.

Mr Chow Chinese restaurant has a strong western flavour.

& a bush like other Beijing hotel & throughout; Give priority to with Chinese style.

noon on February 16, 2012, San Francisco Chinatown Jackson street, Obama walked into a call & other; Welcome cabinet & throughout; Hotel, spend $100 to buy a bag snacks, pack out. Bag filled with shrimp dumplings, bread, barbecued pork, sprouts and cantonese dim sum, like the small steamed bun.

although it is said that overseas Chinese restaurants like McDonald’s, are everywhere but it was not on the class, but with a unique taste and the innovation of generations, now Chinese food has got a lot of luminaries.

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under bush travels & other; Bush menu & throughout;

outside Washington on 7 there’s a ordinary Chinese restaurant down the road, red sign four gold & other; Beijing hotel & throughout; . This is George h.w. bush visited 50 times, George w. bush had dinner with friends and family in this Chinese restaurant many times.

it is understood that bush in a number of almost every time & other; N17 & throughout; On the table for dinner. Was once a diplomat in China, the bush every change order slightly, but there are 5 dish is his favorite, the Beijing roast duck, every time another 4 dishes are spicy Fried prawns, Beijing sweat flavor lamb, beef, dry green beans. Since President bush is often the five course, some people simply called the five dish & other Bush menu & throughout; .