“Foreign imperial concubine” spread Peking Opera to 33 years in the United States Is the smallest mei lanfang disciple

data figure: Wei Lisha. Source: the yangzi evening news.

8 in ning & other; The third sino-us cultural BBS & throughout; On an American audience become the focus of all. She is an American university drama by the professor and the director of the Asian opera Wei Lisha, fluent Chinese, she brought in the United States spread more than 30 years of Beijing Opera stories, distinguished guests and the audience to feel the power of cultural exchange.

before the speech, the writer bi feiyu on & other; Culture and regional & throughout; Mentioned in the lecture, the regional culture is really a shame culture, many keywords related to the body has a profound influence on our time. & other; Today’s young people are more willing to expose their bodies to show beauty, with the most direct way to show their own aesthetic, make exercise to lose weight become fashion, but the shame of our childhood mostly related to the human body, especially the women’s bodies. There is almost no when I am reading and female classmate said a word. The heroine in the cultural revolution model operas always have no husband, even the men in the classical literary masterpiece “the water margin” very boycott of women’s bodies. And cultural exchange has changed China, changed the Chinese, cultural exchange, let us become better and more confident. Throughout the &; Wei Lisha is very interested in the argument.

Wei Lisha is to preach the disciple, mei lanfang to come to study Chinese drama and Chinese university in 1979, mei lanfang’s ambitions to worship Shen Xiaomei for the teacher. The following year, her performance in nanjing after “the drunken beauty”, is known as & other; The imperial concubine & throughout; . Later, Wei Lisha invite Shen Xiaomei teachers made a special trip to nanjing to Hawaii to teach, and prepare to complete the CV 18 spring as a teaching course. Now Wei Lisha invite Asian countries every year of a traditional opera artist taught to the students to the university of Hawaii, through in-depth and concentrated training, finally staged a drama and premiere. Now she is still come to China every year, and the cultural department of jiangsu province also maintain close cooperation. & other; My culture and art exchange and jiangsu have 33 years of history, now has more than 1000 students from around the world system has studied opera performances. Each student to graduate, the artistic value and world outlook are expanded, I think it may conform to the experts about the relationship between the physical and cultural exchange. Throughout the &; In expression, Wei Lisha also took a long time to explain, she translated into English how to Peking Opera singing, such as how to deal with rhyme, listen carefully to the audience smiled.

this, bi feiyu jokes, & other; Indeed, even if I can’t hear you, I can know you speak Chinese well, because you just hand movements, is the Oriental female. When you speak Chinese, you will naturally come out. And don’t you introduce yourself is & lsquo; The imperial concubine & rsquo; , I also know that you have a good Peking Opera culture, because when you do actions often become warped wrist, a see be trained long-term good opera. Throughout the &; This also happened bi feiyu’s point of view, supporting the & other; You see culture and the relationship between the body, is so close and clear. You learned Chinese in China, the Peking Opera, appreciate the Chinese culture, and I firmly believe that culture is not only in your mind and heart, in your body now. This is the highest state of a kind of learning, I want to congratulate you. Throughout the &;