Foreign large Chinese subtitles appear frequently “clenbuterol” little shenyang “tide”

importing foreign movies Chinese subtitles frequent network tide, this phenomenon is widespread attention recently. Such as, the American movie “men in black 3” in the two agents on roadside barbecue dialogue: & other; I really doubt they used cooking oil, clenbuterol. Throughout the &; In the film “Madagascar 3” also have such a dialogue: & other; We are husband and wife can form, as in the case of shenyang. Throughout the &; & other; Do you think I am? You when here & lsquo; Avenue of stars & rsquo; ? Throughout the &; In addition to the film, the TV drama “the big bang theory” in have & other; Listen to crosstalk in Devon community & throughout; The language of & hellip; & hellip;

film translation is a very serious work, is the second creation, but it has a bottom line: don’t damage the original, to consider the style of the original style, era background and character. Otherwise, it is failure. Shanghai dubbing works of old factory director Mr Chen Xu a lifetime, once said: & other; Make translation piece to have a & lsquo; Language not astonishing oath endlessly & rsquo; In the spirit. Throughout the &; The surprising, is without prejudice to the original case, use our motherland rich Chinese, choose the most accurate, vivid to express the meaning of personality and emotion. See he dubbed movie, you’ll feel language is a kind of enjoyment. In the film “garrison death squads”, for example, he spent a & other; The head & throughout; Name, popular across the country, adopted by a lot of movies. On our factory in the last century, there are thousands of department dubbed film translation have kept this dubbed beliefs, so by the audience acclaim and miss, actually this is also respect for the native language.

in the subtitles of simple to fully express the essence of film, it is not easy, but you must not leave the raw to funny, accuracy is always the bottom line. Stick a ready-made network language hard, posted on the film, although the save Labour, easy, but it can’t call the second creation. Under the second creation is to true kung fu. When we make a dubbing playscript with stage directions is less transplanting, more than 10 days and a half months, sentence by sentence, weigh every word. Remember when I make the feature film “wild goose expendables, in order to put in the film the rude to hire private language display fully, is really took great pains, everything, all the swear words can’t use our & other; ‘& throughout; , but to use conforms to the personality characteristics of the language to express, such as having a man in the film busboy (in pot) is gay, for that particular character must use a specific lines, he swear will scold characteristics: & other; If you don’t, I sew your fart eye. Throughout the &;

if we do not take seriously the foreign film translation, is bound to form three kinds of damage; Translation is, against the most fundamental creed: elegant writing, damage the original ideological content, literariness. Second, we have now the entertainment tendency has affected the national literacy, if reoccupy wet language instead of the lines in the film, will hurt the audience appreciation of foreign films. Three is, if use network language of language to translate the film, will greatly damage our country’s language, it is blasphemy to Chinese, is don’t respect for native language. Translation of foreign films, earnestly protect and care for the motherland rich language, it is a kind of responsibility.