Former member of the new beatles album filled nostalgia Is called “bear”

new album, “Kisses on the Bottom cover.

Paul & middot; McCartney’s voice plain, contagious.

morning trainee reporter du Fang Shu

& other; The beatles & throughout; Former member of the 70 – year – old Paul & middot; McCartney (Paul McCartney) released in February 7 his latest album “Kisses on the Bottom”, this is his personal album, 16 of these songs are mostly Paul & middot; McCartney childhood at home listening to pop songs, which plays an instrument and sings his father Paul, a 70 – year – old & middot; McCartney with his pretty clear voice in the age of 12 parents cover the pop songs, there are 2 songs is his latest creation. The whole album filled with warmth and mischievous sense of nostalgia.

the New York times article commented, & other; Listening to these songs, Paul himself as if place oneself in the early spring of the garden of England, the sky was crystal clear, sunny, gentle mist dances, the air mixed with the fragrance of the soil and bud light music flows out of the whistle was lying on the grass in the country. Throughout the &; While the BBC music comments said: & other; The whole album for the American pop music feast that no one pay attention to the scraps. Throughout the &;

cover their song

Paul & middot; McCartney when the choice as far as possible to avoid the overly familiar songs, but behind the original singer of the 12 songs, but all have of the glory days: lewis & middot; Armstrong (Louis Armstrong), Billie & middot; Harold Diane (Billie Holiday), Beijing high (Nat King Cole, frank & middot; Sinatra, Frank Sinatra, Fats Waller (Fats Waller), etc.

the Kisses on the Bottom “name from the album’s opening track & ndash; & ndash; Fats Waller’s “I” m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter. The music of this song by two top master joey & middot; Mandela (Johnny Mandel) and Allen & middot; Mr Bent (Alan Broadbent). The whole song in Diana & middot; Credit (Diana Kral) like flowing water light jazz piano, jazz band’s rendition of immersed in mainstream. Paul & middot; McCartney and for the first time ever in the accompaniment of Musical Instruments songs so much.

in Paul & middot; McCartney 2 new song “My Valentine” and “Bye Bye” Blackbird, between is Owen & middot; “Always” Berlin (Irving Berlin), Paul & middot; McCartney, using his unique speaking out of turn whispers melancholy to deduce this song. Album at the end of the criterion with the Bye Bye Blackbird “and” Get Yourself Another Fool “slowly over, with a hint of decadence and sadness. Eric & middot; Patrick & middot; (Eric Clapton Patrick Clapton) guitar will Get Yourself Another Fool “given does not make public The blues, but” The Inch Worm “(” Hans Christian Andersen” soundtrack) aroused each of us has his childhood.

for 2 original songs, is the most sincere praise, and many turn to sing a song together, you never listen to not to come out this is 2 new songs. “Bye Bye Blackbird” may seem a little flat, but the inside of the harmonica playing is very impressive. “My Valentine” is a classic bell, accompanied by Eric & middot; Patrick & middot; Clapton melody, rhythm slowly flowing, romantic emotional appeal into perfection.