Found that white hair magic stone earth buildings in yongding, 10 years “hair” is still growing (FIG.)

magic & other; White magic stone & throughout;

(reporter Wu Lin increases the correspondent Teong seng lim/chart) yesterday, in longyan yongding tulou building deqing set, a & other; White magic stone & throughout; Eye, make enough tourists.

this stone, at first glance, like & other; Bride with white hair & throughout; , elliptical head, the long & other; White hair & throughout; , more amazing is that more than a decade, & other; White hair & throughout; Has been long, a year to about 2 cm long.

this stone is & other; Magic & throughout; Or is there life? Yesterday, herald reporters access to relevant data, this call & other; Germinal stone & throughout; , & other; Hair & throughout; Is a kind of attached to the stone sea creatures, called the head plate.

& other; White magic stone & throughout; , hakka museum & other; Meanwhile, & throughout;

& other; This stone not only grow hair, still can like people turn dander. Throughout the &; Within the collection celebrates the tulou building, & other; White magic stone & throughout; Attract tourists alarm spasmodically.


herald reporter noticed that the stone, in addition to & other; Hairstyle outside & throughout; , milky white, elliptic, with ordinary pebbles nothing different, & other; Hair & throughout; Long in & other; Back of the head & throughout; On.

look far, & other; White magic stone & throughout; Like a bald & other; Bai Faweng & throughout; , however, approached a look, this & other; Bai Faweng & throughout; Clearly & other; Old & throughout; In & other; Head & throughout; Beside, lost a lot of white hair.

this & other; White magic stone & throughout; More than 40 cm in diameter and weighs more than 20 jins, & other; Hair & throughout; About 15 cm long, & other; White hair & throughout; Than the normal adult hair slightly thick, and no split ends.

at present, the stone is the collection celebrates the hakka museum building & other; Meanwhile, & throughout; , many tourists at this & other; The magic stone & throughout; And visitors exclaim: & other; This is not of liang’s novel & lsquo; Bride with white hair & rsquo; ? Throughout the &;

10 years past, & other; White hair & throughout; Every year in long

yesterday, herald reporter contacted the HongMingZhang stone of the master, he is a Taiwanese, is also a stone collection lovers.

HongMingZhang said, with & other; The magic stone & throughout; Encounter, it is more than 10 years ago. Then, he to zhangzhou dongshan island & other; Find the stone & throughout; To see a fisherman fished from the sea this stone.

& other; At first glance, I was attracted, collect a lot of strange stone, only the stone, let me feel in dreamland, have never seen. Throughout the &; HongMingZhang said, at first, he thought & other; Hair & throughout; Is sticking up.

however, HongMingZhang take a magnifying glass, carefully watching for a long time, he was sure this is a piece of & other; The magic stone & throughout; And promptly offer, give the stone to bought it.

in 2006, the collection celebrates the floor set up hakka museum, the HongMingZhang & other White magic stone & throughout; , free of charge with the set in the building, open to the tourists.

HongMingZhang told the herald reporter, the magic stone the most & other; Magic & throughout; A is the & other; Hair & throughout; , while leaving the oceans, but more than a decade, is still longer, a year 2 cm long.

in addition, HongMingZhang said, he take off the hair to burn, can still be burning, exudes a & other; Seaweed & throughout; The smell.

Marine appetizers bug?

over the years, HongMingZhang consulted many stone collector, but everybody can’t say why long stone & other; Hair & throughout; .

this & other; Hair & throughout; What is? Herald reporter also consulted some university professors, in the province, however, Marine biology professor didn’t seen with & other; The magic stone & throughout; , I couldn’t say why.

it is understood that in the coastal area, folk have many about & other; White magic stone & throughout; Quirky, someone says this & other; Stone & throughout; Around the world are numbered, and someone said that the stone is a kind of fossils.


herald reporter noted that in 2005, in & other; The national stone culture exhibition & throughout; On a piece of the same & other; Grey stone & throughout; The first time, the academe to & other; White magic stone & throughout; Attention.


community called the stone & other; Germinal stone & throughout; After, Marine research institute, Chinese academy of sciences researchers, told & other; Germinal stone & throughout; To reveal. Experts found that the & other; Hair & throughout; Burns, not a fossil. Second, through slicing, found that the hair is hollow, prove not Marine plants.

experts through a lot of international information retrieval, species specimen comparison and detailed observation of the outer tube shape, and identification of this & other Hair & throughout; Is a kind of new species & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; More plate straight head plate of insects.

stone residual nutrients

the head dish of worm is a kind of relatively low Marine animals, rarely appears in Chinese waters, mostly in waters around Antarctica.

it is the basic structure of, insect body attached to the stones or shells, then the insect body secretions, forming a thin tube, the tube is & other; White hair & throughout; , & other; The roots & throughout; Is the worm’s head.

& other; White magic stone & throughout; How to form? Experts say the stones in the shallow water washed for many years, the formation of pebbles, cobblestone washed into the depths of the ocean, because there are no big waves washed, appetizers insect growth began to attach themselves to it.

so, & other; White hair & throughout; After leave the ocean, why more than 10 years in the past, can still grow? It is reported, & other; Magic & throughout; Reason, may be the head of the pipe, and residual water or nutrients, in the case of water, and other Hair & throughout; Still can continue to long, but once the water didn’t, & other; The roots & throughout; Then he died, and can lead to hair loss.

it is reported, & other; Germinal stone & throughout; Native to the west side of the island south across the Taiwan straits. Once popular in Taiwan altar in the 1960 s, called & other; Hair stone & throughout; . Gradually fade out after stone industry, silence for many years. In recent years by Taiwan stone business into the mainland sales, was covered with a layer of mysterious veil.