Four diary into the nanjing massacre Cruelty amazed by the Japanese invaders

after the second world war, the Japanese right-wing group refused to accept the holocaust crimes, trying to destroy, tampering with all related text, image data. But the four tone to parties write war diary has become a hard evidence of the Japanese massacre, in front of the black and white, the Japanese militarists speechless.

& other; Living Buddha & throughout; Left by the John rabe diary

John & middot; John rabe, Hamburg, Germany, background is not very desirable, is the nazis during world war ii, also once was and declared war on Germany in 1919 the Chinese government on & other; The blacklist & throughout; Deportation & hellip; & hellip; But is such a complex identity, was nanjing as & other people; Living Buddha & throughout; .

in the Japanese army slaughtered 1937 nanjing miserable years, John rabe, from the Japanese onslaught has saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of refugees in nanjing, he for refugees run day and night, has been pressing for the Japanese authorities, twice was faint in the streets of nanjing. He wrote down, precious war diary and photographs taken as trial executioner of hard in the future, returned home after he was out of the nanjing at the Japanese, and German gestapo under house arrest, was the Soviet prison, outlook and, diabetes is serious. Nanjing residents when the fund-raising, raise a few thousand dollars to his redemption out of prison, restore a free agent. John rabe in the fifth year died after the victory of Anti-Japanese War, at that time, no one knows, no commemoration. His tombstone carved only one line like this: a good man, an unyielding man, John & middot; John rabe.

1937 years ahead of the Japanese army attacked nanjing, at that time as a manager of Siemens branch of John rabe back from nanjing, by some foreigners made chairman of the Nanking safety zone. John rabe with special identity, in his own house houses more than 600 refugees in nanjing. At his rented pinky bridge no. 1 in the yard, wrote the famous “rabe diary”. Tears from the John rabe diary every word, the Japanese brutality, sad, of the Chinese people were John rabe truthfully recorded:

on December 16, 1937 & ndash; & ndash; I drove to the exploration of power plant, where the bodies are on zhongshan north road & hellip; & hellip; In front of the gate, corpses piled like a hill & hellip; & hellip; Murder everywhere, some just in front of the department of defense’s army camp. Machine gun sound.

on December 24 & ndash; & ndash; I look in the body of the basement & hellip; & hellip; A common people eyes were burning out & hellip; & hellip; The head to the charred & hellip; & hellip; Japanese soldiers poured gasoline on his head.

December 25 & ndash; & ndash; The Japanese command every refugee must register in person, and should be finished in 10 days & hellip; & hellip; 200000 people! How to do? The whole group of strong men have been pulled out, their fate is not do slave labor is death. And the whole batch of young women is pulled out, because to set up a big military brothels.

on January 1, 1938 & ndash; & ndash; A beautiful women’s mother ran to come over to me, crying, knees, begging me to do her a favor. When I walked into a room, I saw a Japanese body naked on a girl cried screamed at the top of the body. I live the dirty shameless Japanese drink immediately, and any language can make people understand yelling at him. He left behind a & other; Happy New Year & throughout; Just ran away. He fled, is still naked, hands holding a pair of trousers.

& hellip; & hellip;

in 1996, “rabe diary” in Chinese American iris chang and Dr Shao Ziping people search to light. On December 13, the nanjing massacre memorial meeting in New York in the United States, John rabe granddaughter lai copy for ms hart will be 2000 pages of diary is open to the world for the first time, immediately caused a sensation, become the nanjing massacre is one of the most important and most detailed historical data. Diary describes the city more than 600 cases in the case, a lot of evidence and other information, such as lee soo young survivors.

in August 1997, after 60 years, “rabe diary” Chinese version was published in nanjing, the posterity of John rabe wrote such a compelling cry assess in life: he is 1937 myriad people in nanjing benefactor, is that suffering s Chinese friend, is a stick to dare to fight against tyranny might face to face with a humanitarian spirit hero!

azuma shiro: let me surprise of cruelty

in addition to the record of John rabe, site witness, that year to participate in the slaughter of some heart confession by the Japanese invaders, coping with the look and feel of the wrote that year. The man called azuma shiro, born on April 27, 1912, Japan’s Kyoto bamboo Dan wild county town people. In August 1937, the 25-year-old shiro azuma was called up orders from the emperor, is a Japanese army 16th division infantry corps shangdeng bing, 20 in the nanjing massacre began in December 1937. “Shiro azuma diary” also called “shiro azuma war diary, shiro azuma is faithfully record himself with the Japanese army 16th division invaded China central China experiences a diary, a total of five volumes, 370000 words, diary contains important historical data confirmed that the Japanese the nanjing massacre.

in the December 21, 1937, diary, shiro azuma describes the soldiers nishimoto in front of the Supreme Court of the nanjing massacre of Chinese atrocities.

record is as follows: 21, was ordered to guard the city, we left the town of horses again. The Supreme Court, zhongshan road is equivalent to the Japanese judicial province, is a large gray building, there is a shabby private car in front of the court overturned on the ground. There is a pond across the road. I don’t know where to pull a adherents, comrades like children playing caught puppy teased him. At this point, the nishimoto proposed a cruel proposal, is to put the adherents in bag, doused with gasoline in the car, and then the ignition. So, crying loudly adherents were packed into the pouch, mouth tightly, the man was in the bag desperately struggled and cried. Nishimoto like playing football kicking the bag, bag to pee like fertilize the vegetables. Nishimoto from the broken car gasoline, poured into the bag, the bag tied a long rope, pulling back and forth on the ground. A bit of conscience people frown staring at the cruel game, have no conscience at all people would encourage loudly, feel very interesting. Nishimoto lit the fire. As soon as gasoline, rushed out of the horrific shrieks from the bag. The bag with all strength jump, rolling. Some comrades in the face of such a brutal game also feel very interesting, the bag like a fireball ground roll, give out the hell bellow. Nishimoto said pulled the string of the pocket & other; Hello, too hot I will give you to cool off! Throughout the &; Said, and tie the two hand grenades on the bag, then threw the bag into the pond. Gradually extinguish the fire, the bag calm down, the ripple of water also slowly calmed down. All of a sudden, boom boom! Grenade exploded and caused a splash. After a while, the level of silent, thus ended the game. What something like this on the battlefield is not evil, just nishimoto cruel let’s surprise. After a while, the gang will forget all the miserable thing, as the circumstances which sang a song on the road again.

after the war, shiro azuma my nanjing infantry team to deliver the diary excerpts from aoki bookstore published, produce larger repercussions at home and abroad in Japan, at the same time, it was Japan’s right-wing grudges. Shiro azuma house received a lot of Japanese right-wing threatening phone calls, called him a & other; Traitor & throughout; , & other The traitor & throughout; , & other The stigma of the old soldiers throughout the &; , & other Defiled the ghost & throughout; , & other Sin to say this plainly & throughout; Etc., azuma shiro also be prosecuted, the Tokyo district court has sentenced to azuma shiro, serve the public apology, and pay the diary involves nishimoto damages two million yen.