Four great classics weibo “hypothetical” Borrow historic performance mixed (FIG.)

a few days ago, a man named & other; Thinking about Mr & throughout; Sina blogger, relies on “The Three Kingdoms weibo”, “shuihu weibo”, “west weibo”, “red chamber weibo” four & other; The imaginary body & throughout; Long weibo rapid popular network. Zhuge liang, and search & or in real or fictional characters appear on the other; Lying in the gun & throughout; . By the reporter went to press, “The Three Kingdoms weibo” forward has exceeded 110000.

propagation path: is not the first & other; Eat crab & throughout; The

according to & other; Thinking about Mr & throughout; Introduction, the new style in the game, he is not the first & other; Eat crab & throughout; , draw lessons from “the wartime weibo” and “the end of the world weibo” to join. It is understood that the wartime weibo is called a @ MTJJ posted on July 4th, because a lot of forwarding, on July 5, sina weibo begin to pay close attention to the style, and shall be forwarded in its official weibo. On July 6, the game by netizens @ panda took the genius, and copy the created Armageddon weibo, forward the weibo also received tens of thousands of quantity. On July 8, Mr. @ ponder continuously published “The Three Kingdoms weibo” and “west weibo”, soon spread on weibo crazy to the game to a climax. Then @ professional crossing the “weibo” jin yong’s characters. At that time, various & other; The imaginary body & throughout; Frequent weibo and derived property, taobao, grave notes version, the new edition of the white niang son version and other versions, and even appeared will mix the four classics figures & other Through the fictitious body & throughout; .

why red: borrow historical figures show various

peruse this several microblogging, can be found, in addition to the interaction between the ancients is completely full of fun network language structure, both entertaining, a lot of today’s popular news events and figures have also been added. In the “water margin” series, sung river 1 & other; Today I hand blade thief wife & throughout; Weibo, then draw back like & other; @ peace ltd.was & throughout; & other; No photos no truth & throughout; & other; Blogger fire throughout the &; Such comments. These once a household the ancients all has the modern thought in his works. Be expressed the present society, with the help of historical figures, negative emotions with the aid of ridicule, also be entertainment, this is the series of weibo popular internal cause.

professional cross also said in an interview with the media, Internet users now see pure funny word is not very satisfied, they hope to & other; The hypothetical & throughout; Can reflect some social problems, in the form of resonance.

s & other; Four great classics weibo & throughout; Excerpts from

s dialogue & other; Thinking about Mr & throughout;

may be the next exponents weibo

but sent four weibo, unexpectedly brought such a big effect, & other; Night, more than hundreds of fans! Throughout the &; This is & other; Thinking about Mr & throughout; Also takes on the matter. He said recently frequent media interview he expected, although his name and identity and has published “boiled journey to the west” books “trainer” and so on have been some netizens identified, he still wants & other; You can talk about work, people want to keep the mysterious & throughout; , just saw the movie “search” he wanted his life not be disturbed.

Beijing news: can you talk about your personal experience? The influence of the four great classics gave you?

Mr Thinking: you’d better not to mention my personal experiences this part, stealth, ha ha. The four classics of the biggest influence on me is inspired by the wisdom and reading from the historical reality. Such as song jiang is a corporation boss, he put the disparate people together, and we also together, can inspire me the process of the management team.

the Beijing news: your personal favorite in this series which part, which figures?

Mr Thinking: my favorite is The Three Kingdoms, because is the first, was not the same pressure. Red chamber weibo is the most difficult, because everyone is looking forward to, 100000 people waiting to see, so do the day before. I like zhuge liang, so he is inside & other; Eva & throughout; .

the Beijing news: many people involved in the new style games, including you and & other Professional cross & throughout; The whole event is planning team or individual behavior? Then do you have any plans?

Mr Wondering: dominant not us. We don’t know each other, I am a personal behavior. I just fun, nothing else. What I could give a weibo thought and their exponents, let each character dialogue across time and space, such as mencius will ask what problem and so on. If possible, I want to do a every dynasty, such as weibo, the qin dynasty Song Chaowei bo, etc.

the Beijing news: in the history of scholars, what do you like better? Can talk about your experience?

about Sir: I liked yi zhongtian, humor humor and wit. The spread of all history is right there, who form so that we can accept, I think it major. My reading is very broad. At present the main reading philosophy books, such as Alan & middot; DE botton the consolation, and “riffraff”, Hegel’s “the little logic and the logic.