Four people steal dug Ming buddhist arrested 14 hours not to enter the tomb of the elders (FIG.)

the suspect Chen identify stolen dug tomb

I heard their hometown have a tomb, Chen about the three friends mention toolbox to & other; Treasure hunt & throughout; And fully dig for 14 hours, still couldn’t get into the tomb. Yesterday, the two suspects were wulong’s procuratorate arrest. The wulong relics’ management center, identification of the first year of the tomb was built in the Ming dynasty zhengde, the tomb of the elders is a local Buddhism.

card party to discuss tomb-raiding

mid-november, XXL invited wang mou and zhang party at his home in fuling. Because 3 people have no fixed work, in most of the time is to play CARDS together. XXL and others fight the landlord and consult quickly & other; Make money & throughout; The way.

& other; Heard of my hometown wulong county temple township (GongMiao group has an ancient tombs, the locals call it the monk’s tomb, time a little long, estimates there are antique, possible values for money! Throughout the &; The tomb Chen suddenly reminded of their hometown, & other The tomb where remote, little-known, also not easy to be found. Throughout the &; Zhang mou a listen to, to the interest, & other; You can consult, got things, all of us. Throughout the &;

two days later, zhang, Chen came to temple township (see the tomb. & other; There are things. Throughout the &; After zhang saw some excitement, also called to tell the two friends.

the entrance of the tomb is too fast to open

& other; Go and dig grave, look for some money. Throughout the &; Two days passed, and zhang call XXL. The 10 o ‘clock in the morning, zhang, Chen and zhang’s two friends, a total of 4 people, take a hammer, drill steel, shovel, chisel tools such as tool bag, three motorcycle ride to the tomb.

arrived, four people simple division of labor, XXL is responsible for a lookout, 3 people pick up the tools such as zhang started to cut the entrance of the tomb. Due to the entrance of the tomb stone, cut the progress is slow, zhang and others cut right after the shek mun, inside the space is very narrow, can only use hand to touch, but inside or stone.

& other; This design was too strong. Throughout the &; Because of existing tools can’t open the layer, we decided to use steel insert to the ceiling, because the soil is soft, will start from there.

about half past five in the afternoon, XXL to advance leave a wedding feast, zhang and others continue to dig a grave, but they have been digging into the evening 12 points, due to the tomb to build very strong, some people still can’t enter the rooms.

nothing also caught

& other; There are ancient tomb dug. Throughout the &; A few days later, a regular garrick rangers was dug in patrol found in the tomb, to duck river in wulong county public security bureau police station to report immediately.

after, police rushed to the scene to see, because the tomb is located in the remote, even a lot of life of the local people here are not clear, after walking for nearly two hours of mountain roads, the police came to the tomb is located, found the tomb door right has been destroyed, and the trace of front and back have been digging, fortunately, the tomb door is not opened.

according to the on-site investigation, police speculated that the grave robbery case with local participation. According to this inference, a lot of police visited the mountain villagers, XXL and finally locked suspect. Recently, when zhang mou of escape followed.

at present, the case is under further probing, two of the suspects allegedly robbing ancient tombs have been wulong procuratorate arrest.

news depth

department of elders in the Ming dynasty tomb

embossed exquisite has research value

yesterday, wulong county, according to the field of cultural relics management of textual research, stolen tomb was built in the Ming dynasty zhengde first year (1506), the tomb of the elders is a local Buddhism, building large scale, s early history, has the high historical research value and artistic value.

field, director of the said the tomb is only a tomb in wulong county during the Ming dynasty is embossed with a design with a large number of ancient tombs, embossed with a design and elegant, the general relief is only mostly positive have a pattern, and the two side also has, the tomb of the embossed designs and workmanship, carving exquisite workmanship. The discovery of the tomb, for the study of Ming dynasty folk funeral has a certain historical significance, they have organized personnel to take protective measures, the next step is to study how to repair and properly kept.

in addition, stolen cemetery is located in the township temple (Bai Yunwan, halfway up the hill in a mountain, in the Ming dynasty etiquette Liu Qiupei resigned back in after Bai Yunwan built & other; Baiyun college & throughout; , teaching, and the cemetery just from & other; Baiyun college & throughout; Near the site. According to the local old man tells, previous Bai Yunwan Buddhism flourished, larger local temples. Tian said, master, the owner of the tomb is temple from the tomb, can also be seen around the temple now part of the site.