Four women in Chen duxiu’s life: and sister-in-law public cohabitation (FIG.)

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Chen duxiu, the modern Chinese social change period, still feet, clueless person; At the same time is also the ups and downs, frustrations and changeful, a mirror of the legendary. However, in his 63 journey in life, there are four women with his companions, until his death.

The first:

legally marry high public

in 1896, 17, Chen du-xiu as a scholar. Young high school, and the future, many prominent the somebody else all competing to marriage and family. By the mother and uncle Chen yesterday every family, and then the anhui high command lieutenant Gao Dengke daughter high mass pro.

high mass is three years older than Chen duxiu, born with fine features, dignified posture, generous and cheerful, doing things properly, can yet be regarded as family door. Chen duxiu, after having obtained this metropolitan examinations to participate in 1897, in the home with high mass meeting the bride marry in August.

noancient, two person feeling also is normal. 10 years or so, the high mass has 3 male, 2 female. Increasing with the passage of time, the children, the heavy housework, make high temper and stubborn personality mass always nagging presence, even angry call names, made it difficult for Chen duxiu tolerance. Released in Chen duxiu’s personality, aggressive, who dares to challenge the traditional, and high mass without culture, conservative, two people have no common language, therefore are often noisy. Chen duxiu to cut braid, for example, she firmly opposed, also called him a foreign devil. Chen duxiu to study abroad in Japan, she is not only to stop, also hide raising of funds, make two people emotional rift with China in deepening, outbreaks of conflict. Just as high mass with the fifth child, Chen duxiu had empathy don’t love, the relationship in name only. Since then, high mass in the Chen family lived alone, to both, raising children, filial piety in-laws, living in ascetic.