French photographer captured the polar bear swimming

French photographer Mr Recently filmed the photo of the polar bear swims.

a French photographer Joe Mr Risked their lives to diving recently took a close-up of the polar bear swims. The polar bear leisurely in the water, in the photo looks very lovely.

the 57-year-old Mr Is an environmentalist, recently, he and his wife, two people to take pictures of polar bears in northern Canada. He said afterward, while the polar bear in the photo looks gentle, actually they are very fierce, almost overturned their boat.

& other; I broke the safety standard, make yourself, of course, also overestimated the friendly relations and polar bears. Throughout the &; Mr Said, & other; When pictures of polar bears, because the distance is too close, they feel very upset, then appear very irritable. Throughout the &;

he recalled the scene, said polar bears a handbreadth & other; Throughout the &; To their boat, the boat was almost overturned. & other; But then I tried and they close, let them getting used to my existence. Throughout the &; He finally successfully took many pictures.

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polar bears feel, too strange, appear very irritable, slapping, to Mr Ship.