Fu Leiceng batch of zhang ailing style pu zhang ailing said fu lei didn’t know

data figure: zhang ailing. Source: chongqing commercial daily.

during the period of the republic of China, there will be a & other between fu lei and zhang ailing Deliver & throughout; . Objections to the literary world of da-xing zhang fu shot, observe the charming city of wind; Eileen chang says that fu lei & other; Don’t know & throughout; .

one day before bed, zhang ailing inadvertently pulled out a “fu lei works”, which have the very long of 14 pages “on zhang ailing’s novel”. With the feelings of watching, directly into the article. Who knows, connect is not busy, but moved: Fu Leiyong almost 7 pages to analyze the golden lock “and praised zhang ailing, her golden lock” evaluation is very high. He said: & other; Writers in the literary and art works to fill defect, golden lock “at least we should also be listed as one of the most beautiful harvest in the literary world. Throughout the &; Since 7 pages, is the city of love for her, “woes” in the historical context, as well as short stories and novels writing skills are discussed in this paper. Among them, the criticism of “woes” is relatively strict, let a person involuntarily thought of “fu lei” fu lei for fu cong and earnest teachings. Pass judgment, fu lei to zhang ailing’s comments are heartfelt words, moving.

was gone, spare melancholy. Zhang ailing is not listen fu lei unpleasant advice, after all the window to the soul, after all, no more fan. Her genius and the people, constrained by a corner, the road of life is also more walk more narrow. After she left the United States, who has written several English novels, flash of genius is still amazing, basic no big change, but the theme of this kind of talent in different region and no market. And die in New York, her magic pen has become increasingly dull, even few prose, essays, and also mostly is ordinary work. And lonely, in addition to her old age still in fighting against some unseen insects move unceasingly. Now the psychologist thinks, this is more of a mental illness, she was fighting with yourself.

each of us has its own limitations, youth at the right moment, is the healthy, the opportunities are from France, it’s hard to face those who direct us shortcomings pointed out. Inside even know what he said may be right, but also on too, just to escape: is that what he said is we are ashamed to admit the limitations. Treasure he told you weren’t so nice, perhaps the life of another window.

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