Funeral etiquette teacher said ventriloquist: during the day to cry at night to see people smile (FIG.)

March 31, was said ventriloquist of daxing funeral home funeral etiquette teacher ginger smile. Our correspondent Zhou Gang peak taken

funeral home work during the day evening say crosstalk, hope the funeral culture

ginger smile 32, daxing funeral home, director of the office. He has a lot of & other; Strange & throughout; Theory, is thought to be a bit more.

32 of ginger smile name & other; Smile & throughout; But doing with & other; Crying & throughout; About the job.

work place he called & other; God in daxing office & throughout; , although the size is a cadre, but his most want others to call him & other; Funeral etiquette teacher & throughout; .

he has a sideline in the theater said crosstalk. In his own words, is & other; To cry by day, night to see people laugh & throughout; .

said crosstalk mortician

ginger smile whole childhood in his father founded by young learning vocal art club.

under the kind of humor in his bones. His father Jiang Shunkui sometimes also wondering, if keep ginger smile on crosstalk, maybe son now can also into & other; Character famously & throughout; .

ginger smile when he was 18 years old, catch up with the daxing funeral home hiring, ginger smile decision & other; No longer like asking for money & throughout; And went to the funeral home.

the funeral advertisement writing is called network construction personnel, but to just know, originally what work have done.

ginger smile was done two years body makeup and beauty, especially hard to work, need to do overnight. Between wild funeral home, body beauty in sneezes have echo.

lying on the recognition of the deceased, ginger smile worked all night long talk & other; I must let you go and enjoy. Throughout the &;

ginger smile be some views, & other; We are not everybody think so & throughout; , didn’t attend the others wedding, wooden personality, look very numbness of death and so on.

ginger smile to say, as long as it is people, have different side, how is it possible that the same? He is & other; Love to attend the wedding, eating more than others & throughout; .

ginger smile cross talk to get to the theater said a few times a week, at least to a concert, and other Dealing with death, every day we see more than most people, more understand life, also can enjoy life more. Throughout the &;

aversion to call & other; Burn people & throughout;

after the funeral industry almost all of the type of work, ginger smile become a funeral etiquette. The so-called etiquette teacher, master of ceremonies like wedding, to help the families of the deceased also afterwards.

but do in this industry for a long time, ginger smile feel & other; Funeral is form, the deceased into props & throughout; .

ginger smile an example, if the dead are an old woman, the etiquette teacher would have a eulogy, & other; Put up, bring up their children grow up & throughout; .

result once, families find ginger smile said, death is their stepmother, there is no & other; Put up & throughout; .

perhaps since that time, ginger smile began to think about, became a funeral industry & other; Spiritual traitor & throughout; .

Jiang Shunkui remember a

father and son chat, suddenly tugged on his son said, to fear, on Chinese traditional feudal dross is how can a pole into?

ginger smile said to her father, the spirits of feudal superstition, but the funeral culture of several thousand years, solemn ceremony itself, people’s good wish to another world, should not be discarded.

a Jiang Shunkui strongly felt for the first time, that the son is to do the business.

ginger smile started to read a lot of books, on a shelf in his home, the heap is a brief history of the dead, the Egyptian book of life and death and death related books, there are some philosophy, psychology of the bibliography.

just have a job, someone will always ran to the front of q, a young lad, how run to burn? When hearing the ginger smile will be angry, & other; Burn people & throughout; Three characters is especially sharp.

funeral fancies diary

& other; Each of the deceased has a different story, why can’t we in the final leg listen quietly? Throughout the &; But more often, everything is in a hurry, brought the dead or pushed into freezers, cremation or directly to the oven.

an hour, a wisp of smoke, and we have nothing left.

& other; The state encourages thick BoZang yes, but thin application, shouldn’t thin affection. Throughout the &; Ginger smile feeling all too fast, and even began to launch the market now what funeral meal, one-stop service. & other; How can the final journey like bento? Throughout the &;

& other; Take money to express sorrow is modern people’s biggest sorrow. Throughout the &; Ginger smile said, now there is a funeral industry profits. But what is creating profits? Why do people spend the throw money to express their grief?

last year, ginger smile at his own expense a trip to Taiwan. To attend a funeral among impressed him, was selling DouHuaEr dead alive, in the local is very famous.

a day before the funeral, the son of the deceased have made a night of pudding, the second day of the funeral, for each of the guests on a bowl of hot tofu pudding. Everyone with tofu pudding, remember the face of the dead. Ginger smile think of the scene, & other; Very solemn. Throughout the &;

after you come back from Taiwan, ginger smile began to comb their ideas, some don’t understand by people & other Strange & throughout; Theory named to a computer by his funeral fancies diary.

ginger smile joked, oneself go to Taiwan for the purpose of only one, is to look at your normal is not normal. Have been to his peace of mind, after & other; I was normal. Throughout the &;

& have spent