Gabriel Garcia marquez from jie sad thing: the most distress when no money to buy the printer paper

Garcia published the first official authorization & middot; Gabriel Garcia marquez’s one hundred years of solitude “Chinese version published within half a year, has 1 million volumes of sell like hot cakes. Strike while the iron is hot recently, the new classic culture company, planning the introduction of Garcia & middot; Gabriel Garcia marquez new book “I am not to speech” in Chinese and published by the publishing company of the south China sea. Gabriel Garcia marquez in also found written in the book “one hundred years of solitude” when those unknown & other; Sad & throughout; The story.

I’m not to speech is Garcia & middot; Marquez’s latest work published in 2010, the collection of articles in the book are marquez’s masterpiece, public speaking, basic covers the time span of his life: from the age of 17, 1944 in tin kira farewell senior, in 2007 to face Spain member of the royal institute of language and the king of Spain. Title from gabriel Garcia marquez 17 debut speech said a word & other; I am not to speech & throughout; . Gabriel Garcia marquez writes: & other; Read these notes, let me once again found that, as a writer, how I was a little bit of change and grow. Throughout the &;

held on March 26, 2007 of the 4th international conference on Spanish at the opening ceremony, at least eighty gabriel Garcia marquez facing Spain member of the royal institute of language and the king of Spain said: & other; Write “one hundred years of solitude” days, I had many dreams. But I never dreamed it would be a release of one million books. One million people decide to go to read a book by a man sitting in a room, with 28 letters, two fingers to knock out books, think about all feel crazy. Today, the Spanish royal institute of language and decided to make a book has been in front of millions of readers in numerous novel reprint one million volumes, the sleep my writing and artisan really startled. Throughout the &;

who wanted to, won applause at the “one hundred years of solitude”, this book as it always face the distress of life. “I’m not to lecture,” gabriel Garcia marquez who & other; Sad past & throughout; One by one. & other; Eighteen months, I write every day, not a day don’t write, until finish it. It is hard to believe that the most distress is one of the problems of lack of typewriter paper & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Time to write a book, gabriel Garcia marquez don’t earn a penny. & other; In the beginning, we don’t want to go to borrow this road, then heart a horizontal, finally the first back to the pawnbroker. Throughout the &; As a stopgap, they take wife Mercedes jewelry from the bride’s family to when, but after pawnshop expert appraisal, threw jewelry flurry, said: & other; All of the glass. Throughout the &; In early August 1966, is planning to gabriel Garcia marquez’s one hundred years of solitude finalized sent to Buenos Aires. Weigh the parcel post office, calculate the need & other; Throughout eighty-two pesos &; The postage. Wife counted the notes and COINS in my purse, only 53 of the peso. So, & other; We opened the parcel, is divided into two and a half, first send half to Buenos Aires, the remaining half, how to pooled their money to send in the past, we are completely sure. Later found that the latter half of the mail is not the first. Haven’t got enough money, South American press parker & middot; Wave the just can’t wait to see the first part, the advance payment to us. In this way, we gain new life. Throughout the &;

“I am not to lecture,” gabriel Garcia marquez is a witty humor to talk about friends, satirical also outraged, but also reveals the disadvantages of education, in addition, there is discussion about literature, etc. The book presents is the other side of gabriel Garcia marquez & ndash; & ndash; Independent, outspoken, full of passion.