Gabriel Garcia marquez’s one hundred years of solitude original behind the woman

on July 7, 1965, in front of the guests Louis & middot; D’s face, with columns, & middot; Garcia & middot; Gabriel Garcia marquez authorize Carmen & middot; Barr plug wire, and her husband lewis & middot; Palmer lockheed Martin as its publishing agent, in all his works the publication of the text affairs on behalf of his exercise right, agent period for & other; Throughout 150, &; .

marquez will this paper authorization certificate signed to Carmen, “one hundred years of solitude” has not yet.

in the 1950 s, Carmen in big cities such as Rome, Paris has the copyright of a big company, and in 1956 established the eponymous copyright agent for the company. After nearly 10 years of struggle, she has been successful will be a large number of writers, including famous poet pablo neruda, & other; Authorization certificate & throughout; .

Carmen is with her unique insights and tireless spirit, represent almost the whole of the Spanish on all matters of the publication of the famous writer. She agent writers not only include gabriel Garcia marquez’s (1982) all copyright, also includes the asturias (1967, Guatemala), neruda (1971), Vincent & middot; Rick o sandro (1977, Spain) camelot & middot; Jose & middot; Sierra (1989, Spain), author (2010) and Nobel Prize winner of all copyright. She is known as & other; Throughout Latin American literature behind to the world &; .