“Gao gao ting shu qi has body said” I sell youth”

3 a.m. yesterday, gao updated a tweet in the network so, layers of waves. The cause of the things or shu qi was malicious comments on weibo, gao the micro blog published by float in the sky, and with the pictures of shu qi, between the lines support for shu qi’s attitude is self-evident. The resulting industries as & other; The happy & throughout; The & other; Fun & throughout; , a network edition, the securities investment business edition, teachers version & hellip; & hellip; Said & other; Gao body & throughout; .

& other; She’s been busk sell youth, our industry with laughter, tears, love and freedom. Never steal, fish village, do any harm. Play well, bowed and worshipped ticket audience, screwed up, don’t worry sleep a wink. The top three to five years of vain, endowment money earned seven or eight. After completion of zero mud, dispersed in the wind. There will always be bestowed favor on newly, audience a bit longer. Can see at once to a moment of pleasure, worth some warm? thank you Throughout the &;

under the gao this tweet, already has more than 40000 forwarding, and nearly 20000 message, among them there are some well-known figures. Weibo issued after 5 hours, Yang LAN on the forwarding, & other; Some people bully artists, only the courage to pick up soft 杮 pinch, unleashing a variety of pathological mood! Throughout the &; Other netizens expressed the different point of view, and some for shu qi said to support, also some questioned, and even netizens criticized gao. And some creative imitation of weibo sentence made & other; Gao body & throughout; .

Internet & other; 188 treader stargazing & throughout; Topic: & other; Our industry, ‘hard to sell the product, with hard work and diligence, service for the society. Never steal, fish village, do any harm. Do good, my boss praised customer satisfaction; Hopeless, bonus to buckle customers to batch. The top three to five years of vain, seven or eight copper endowment money, eventually the body down. The boss and customers always have to be bestowed favor on newly, ceased to be a bit. In the service for the society’s sake, whether worth warm? Throughout the &; As a result, & other; Gao body & throughout; Open the floodgates.

deduce without limit

the version of the service: customer service, the industry ‘selling bear selling specialty, with enthusiasm and efficiency to offer love to harmony. Never steal, fish village, do any harm. Customers to electricity, I thank god; After the failure of electricity, humiliation scold by guest. No vain, earn enough pension money. Will service the first, let the customer smile. Customer service is always a new guest, a bit like new again. Look at the moment to solve the problem for you, please smile with understanding and warm room? thank you

the brokerage, investment banking version: this industry, we see the a-share stocks, and night dish into the early hours, youth loss between red and green. Never steal fish village, do not harm. Stocks rose, thank the policy. Stocks fell, the voice of the black mouth constantly. The top three to five years of vain, make seven or eight endowment money, completion after zero mud, dispersed in the wind. People always have to be bestowed favor on newly, a bit longer. Look at once to bring some good policy, whether worth some human warmth? thank you

pr version: our industry, maybe not in power, made brand promotion sad injustice. Never stand back loudly say no, what worked best decission. Done, thank goodness thank customers, to do wrong, don’t worry sleep a wink. Take half a loaf of their bones, zheng seven or eight DiaoYang home money. It will matter all, wandering around, always make products for others. Look at once to solve the problem, can you give some human caring? thank you

advertising version: prostitution busk sell face, with hard work overtime, offered some some credit. Never complain about social unrest, rather, do any harm. Well, help party a to do the wedding clothes, do bad, swept over hard all day long. Top bright advertisers undeserved reputation, earning subsistence endowment money. Will handicap such as mud and dispersed in the wind. There are always new, crying is not up to the self. See took a few beautiful notes, can buy some star tears?

teacher version: our industry, who bear eat chalk dust, with the screaming devastated and offer love and knowledge. Not effectively fish village. Teach good, is the child born smart teach smashed, leaders said parents scold. I blame, three two copper endowment money. After completion of zero mud, dispersed in the wind. There will always be a new environment, students no longer bit campus. Can see in the youth child agonize, worth some warm?