Gao yi poet LeiShuYan: never big political lyric poetry

LeiShuYan contemporary famous poet’s death, in the literary world, to cause vibrations at alls and numerous readers. Yesterday, the reporter understands from the author’s association of China, tie ning, chairman of the China writers association, party secretary bing will come today to mourn in the home. LeiShuYan friends uncluttered, said LeiShuYan has a typical literati temperament in guanzhong plain, in the era of big change period can always a voice.

the guanzhong scholars reflect era sound

yesterday, Mr LeiShuYan countrymen, friends lyrics to accept an interview, has the temperament of the guanzhong scholars LeiShuYan body, always a voice during the period of great change. Lyrics, according to the morning of February 21 LeiShuYan remains farewell ceremony will be held in Beijing babaoshan, next academy for remembrance.

uncluttered with LeiShuYan a middle school, uncluttered recalls, the two of them is a high school in a school, the students have been the guanzhong pundit, zhang zai, he said: & other; When we first teacher told us, the literati is why? Should be like zhang said, as the world heart, to the o life, for wan shikai, is peaceful. Throughout the &;

lyrics that, this idea into their generation, in the heart in shaanxi authors show it clearly. He said: & other; Throughout LeiShuYan life poetry in the history of each big barrier, in each big history of change with the sound of his voice. His voice is not just a simple cooperation situation of empty talk, but from the heart of the poet to sound. Even sing psalms, and also has a strong suffering consciousness and critical consciousness. Throughout the &;

writers association leadership today to mourn the home

the reporter understands from the author’s association of China, tie ning, chairman of the China writers association, party secretary bing will come today to mourn Mr LeiShuYan home. Years of working with LeiShuYan vice chairman of the Chinese writers association, the poetry editor of gao told the xinhua news agency: & other; LeiShuYan thought is profound, even sharp. He received a university education system, we may read, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign literature long run-up. And have experience as a soldier, the life foundation is thick. This made him stand higher than other poet. Zhang Zhixin story reported, after a lot of people to write, but LeiShuYan “the grass is singing” remember the history. Throughout the &;

gao believes that era of strong emotion, a deep sense of mission to the people, to keep LeiShuYan poetic passion forever, become the backbone of China’s contemporary parnassus and important poet. He said: & other; LeiShuYan has many brilliant philosophic poem, but in political lyric poetry. Over the years, whenever the world events, such as the wenchuan earthquake, the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China, he immediately with political lyrics echo, followed by age, thinking time, the leading style. He never big political lyric poetry, but write himself into, has a unique personality, has the special understanding and penetration. “The grass is singing”, for example, is written with reflection, reflection, aroused people’s pent-up feelings, aroused the people to the pole & lsquo; Left & rsquo; The route reflection and criticism. Throughout the &;

s poet past

temper made immortal poems

yesterday, after we received the news of LeiShuYan died, deputy editor of shanxi literature never put off till tomorrow what you can post to recall his stars. In his eyes, LeiShuYan is a nasty temper, and this kind of temper character also deeply affected his poetry creation.

never put off till tomorrow what you can recall the star, relax and play poker, LeiShuYan is one of the hardest to serve. Once the card is good, his defiant, heroism dry cloud, win triumphant. Once a bad hand, didn’t look at once, the meditation frustrated with a strong, a pair of waiting for the end of the world. He and I hit home for many times, once the wrong CARDS, he will shout in order to blame, not saving face. Suspicion you cooperation is not good, he will tiger with a face, a piece of card and crackling loudly and one bring good innings a dragon. It’s a pity that the situation is not much. Old ray had oppressed mad at dark, and finally with a face Hu Lu card, don’t play don’t play, sullen and dispersed. We talked about a, had to smile.

old ray this quick temper, of course, will affect human behavior. LeiShuYan affect the character of the poetry? Yes, his poems, I always feel the breath of a JunJi to read. Prose interference, nasty hurried on. Fortunately, a song of “the grass is singing” established his position in the history of poetry. Start again, can express themselves at leisure. Over the years, I read a lot of essays prose, his thought has enriched, expressing mature, skilled in some art means to say use. Read his article, often have holes, layer upon layer machine heart, feeling overwhelmed, he should not a name, wow, masters to total different from mortals. But why do people still remember “the grass is singing”? He has erratically from JunJi to calm,? These are all worthy of our thought. Wang meng said the situation better than people, it is condensed the djinn of more than half a century for the growth of wisdom to think. Thinking LeiShuYan road, using for reference.

our reporter Tian Chao comprehensive xinhua