Generation star based: xu zhimo carry bedroll accompanied him to jail (figure)

& have spent based data (figure)

one day in late January, 1930, Shanghai “news” at a marked place, posted a message: “xu zhimo accompany based in jail”, once the news is spread, in one’s hand. At the time, how big is based, xu zhimo why accompanied him in jail, at that time, opinions vary, to the nation.

winter 1929, Chiang (Chiang) von auspicious (jade) war, based also arise for between students and tang sheng-chih spread, based in tang & other Advise & throughout; And in the same year on December 5th electricity across the country, urged Chiang kai-shek & other; Removable & throughout; And then in pointing to. In January the following year (1930), tang sheng-chih defeat fled the country. Was arrested in March, based, being held in the west lake first Jiang Zhuang, soon, and are sent to nanjing, jiang held in three yuan lane military detention pending. Xu zhimo heard based after his arrest, has been losing, but there again. Xu zhimo why and so do the based? Originally, xu zhimo and based as zhejiang haining people not only, and have a marriage. Based 14 years old, older than xu xu is Chiang’s uncle’s brother. In the autumn of 1915, xu zhimo was admitted to Beijing university prep, lived in based in dongcheng Scylla hutong home, at the time of xu zhimo’s most financial difficulty, based to sell his apartment/xu zhimo, let xu for a & other; Commission & throughout; To help it through.

Jiang Xu is related not only between two people, and stuff. Based at the political and academic circles liang qichao’s disciple of celebrity, often in front of xu zhimo great beam as a public knowledge and behavior, which makes the gift for the beam, since high school scholarship dazzled the young xu zhimo, the more respect and admiration.

in June 1918, xu zhimo, recommended by based formal worship liang qichao for the teacher. Based is encouraging, meanwhile, xu zhimo go abroad to study, learn western long thought their place. Xu zhimo learn homecoming, coincided with the liang qichao started & other; Speak throughout society &; Lecture, inviting international celebrity in China, headquartered in Beijing and hutong 7 & other Loose slope library & throughout; By the book department director based as director-general, xu zhimo moved to live here, help based library and the society of some trivial affairs. Before long, straight in the outbreak of war, based by wu p ‘ei-fu hired as chief of staff, will be moved to Shanghai from Beijing, the following year, xu zhimo and lu xiaoman married also put small home in Shanghai. To walk much, Jiang Xu two more intimate.

in late January 1930, xu zhimo for based imprisonment is unbearable, but no, the feeling be nasty under, he came up with a & other; Methods & throughout; : with based in jail. Xu zhimo a bedroll on his shoulder, broke into the prison door, panted heavily as he told based & other; The tertiary (xu jiang is your respectful name), I’ll accompany you to go to prison. Throughout the &; In the evening, xu zhimo really made a shakedown is on the floor of the house and spent the night there to accompany based.