German graffiti teach courses to eliminate the generation gap also controversial (FIG.)

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specialized courses in spray painting for the old are incentive to learn the older graffiti art.

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for the old man of street art courses are aroused interest in playing the older graffiti in Germany. Some people think that this is a good way to eliminate the generation gap, can improve the understanding of two generations of the world. But due to some old people not enough & other; Compliance & throughout; And use the skills they learned in class to the city streets, brought trouble to others, so also met with criticism.

teach graffiti into fashion

when poti, & middot; Lorenz sign up for a creative writing class, she didn’t understand one thing: she saw the streets in Berlin information leaflet mentioned painting on the wall, what is this? Whether it first, 59, lorenz registration of the creative class.

until has been sitting in the classroom, she found that course is a professor in a different type of creative writing & ndash; & ndash; Graffiti. & other; When I realized that this is a about people can in all buildings and course of the scribble on the wall painting, I think the first thing is: & lsquo; I can’t stand the mess! & rsquo; Throughout the &; Lorenz told Germany’s spiegel online. At first, she thought of leaving the class. & other; But then I thought, now that you have attended, it is better to follow. Throughout the &;

now, Germany to learn the older graffiti and other forms of street art has already become a kind of fashion, the number of 50 years of age or older to participate in the study of the old man more and more, lorenz is just one part. The gray-haired old man, wearing glasses, and some even have a 80 – year – old. They don’t seem to fit usually engaged in by the rebellious youth & other; Graffiti culture & throughout; , most of whom was the first time I picked up a spray can.

& other; Many old people see graffiti as vandalism, & throughout; Stephanie & middot; Hanna, the Berlin artists had several graffiti seminar for the elderly. & other; But when people begin to see its artistic value, this concept is changing. Throughout the &; In fact, in recent years, graffiti and street art has been more and more recognition. British street artist banksy’s work once let a person feel confused, but now earns hundreds of thousands of pounds for him.

Hannah experience the popularization process of street art. In 2005, she put forward & other; Old street art & throughout; Initiative, she was not going to use it as a long-term project to do, but the demand of the lecture is too much, she has been busy temporarily until last year.

study graffiti is not restricted by age

all over Germany, a similar initiative, the purpose is to encourage the older generation will play graffiti as a way of self-expression. This spring, the northern port city of elderly activity group & other Don’t plug g & middot; Kreis & throughout; Members took the spray paint cans, to participate in the news of the graffiti day caused local media attention. Activities of one of the group manager jutta & middot; Hintz graffiti with young people tired of learning course, arranged for the event.

& other; I think if disgusted with graffiti can help motivate teenagers, then maybe it can also stimulate the vitality of the elderly, & throughout; Singh said, & other; It is important to let the elderly move. Throughout the &;

old graffiti campaign was a success, but some small obstacles in the process, recognized that: & other; Some old people to paint. They constantly complain painting how smelly. Throughout the &;

at the same time, at the university of tubingen in Germany, street artists dirk & middot; Is a perennial reed courses in elderly graffiti. But not only open to the old man, in fact, 30 years old of above all can attend. Dirk & middot; Reed, 43, his daily work is to do social work with young people. Since 2009, to attract older people attend his courses, he played this slogan: & other; Play graffiti is too old? Never too late! Throughout the &; The initiative has obtained great success that he is planning to open this fall like the other categories of classes.

play graffiti also can eliminate the generation gap

Jennifer & middot; Dr Anders is Hamburg albertine geriatrics of hospital of nan assistant researcher, not surprised her playing graffiti on the elderly into fashion. & other; In the past, wearing a pink sweater lonely old woman can only play CARDS, but this impression is outdated and & throughout; She said, & other The ageing of the population now living in an age of totally different from the past, they accompanied by & lsquo; The Rolling Stones & rsquo; Grew up together, and some people still past hippies. Throughout the &;

, said Dr Anders graffiti course of the elderly in both emotional and physical benefits. She explains: & other; Graffiti is an activity that need a lot of bending and stretching, can also exercise the hand-eye coordination. At the same time let the old people in a good mood. Throughout the &;

many older graffiti course can also have the effect of eliminate the generation gap, anders said. Jutta & middot; Brad hintz and Stephanie & middot; Hannah also agree. Brad hintz said: & other; Older people tend to have held a denial attitude to contemporary young people, and young people are always feel with the elders cannot understand each other. We hope that graffiti can facilitate communication between the two generations. Throughout the &;

not all old people & other; Compliance & throughout;

normal elderly graffiti classes and lectures will remind carefully, whether on the huge canvas or in public space to play with graffiti, must & other; ZunZhangShouJi & throughout; . But not all playing graffiti German old are so & other; Listen & throughout; .

walter, stage name OZ, this year at the age of 61. He is a famous master of graffiti, Hamburg, Germany is good at painting graffiti smiling face and other signature, in Hamburg alone with his 12000 works, almost everywhere. However, he often indiscriminate spray painting also attracts a lot of trouble, in July this year, he was suspected of 11 property damage was sentenced to 14 months in jail. Reported OZ for 10 years in the German media now affectionately called him a hamburger & other; Graffiti old man & throughout; .

unlike playing graffiti years of OZ, most to jutta & middot; Hintz group for senior citizens and Stephanie & middot; Hannah elderly street art courses of students are playing with graffiti and other Rookie & throughout; . But some people still follow the OZ’s, will be learned knowledge in class with the law not allowed in public places.

Hannah, she sometimes walk in the streets of Berlin will see she taught in the lecture graffiti pattern in the past. She told the new Zurich newspaper, apparently her students what they have learned in the classroom of graffiti, copy to the city streets.
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