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at German wedding photo

young germans age of marriage later, around age 30, on average. They tend to want to live in 3 & ndash; Five years later, to decide whether to holy matrimony. The germans attaches great importance to the wedding, everyone is willing to put our wedding & other; Does pays photogenic & throughout; . But the germans is a nation of careful calculation and strict budgeting, their wedding is usually a warm, elegant and contracted.

reporter recently encountered a man named karin in Germany side of woman, her sister is preparing to hold a wedding, a wedding planner karin told reporters of the German people get married procedures and specific spending. The germans at the wedding of six months or even a year ago is about to start preparing for the wedding. This includes the choose and buy wedding dress, wedding ring, booking rich romantic wedding venue, take photos, send invitations to friends and family, etc. The cost of the wedding are: marriage registered in the local civil affairs at city hall 100 euros, a church wedding, nt and host fee of 300 euros, 80 people attended the wedding of meals, 3200 euros (an average of 40 euros), 800 euros in wedding photography, wedding cake 200 euros, the wedding ring 1500 euros of two people, the male wedding dress 500 euros, the woman dress 1000 euros, decorate the car and flowers of 400 euros. Plus costs, such as the woman to do the hair, printed invitation letter about total of 10000 euros. In Germany there is a habit, he will pay from out-of-town relatives and friends of all accommodation fee, and it is also a big cost. Of course the invited guest will follow & other Throughout part &; , or gifts. German newlyweds gifts are generally put forward by the couple, the couple will be several months before the wedding a their favorite department store looking for, the required items, and then to draw up list, indicating the price sent to friends and relatives, and its free.

according to Germany to marry online data, the average cost of German marriage of 5300 euros, with 80% of people in the cost of the wedding for 4000 & ndash; 7000 euros. Karin sister couples income is higher, their wedding expenses belongs to high-grade. Germans are not pursuit of luxury, wedding, pay more attention to form special, chic. A lot of people like in the sea or the lawn wedding, with beautiful natural scenery as the background, without too much additional decoration, also need not heavily invite professional band playing, most families invite friends and relatives show talent, entertaining.

follow the German tradition and wedding expenses shall be borne by the woman’s parents. Conventional wisdom suggests that parents raise her daughter to adult, now married to her, from now on everything will by the man responsible for her. As her parents to finish. Now times have changed, the old traditional concept has been broken, with Germany wedding is usually both parents joint venture through consultation.

the couple at the wedding on the estimated costs, generally do not take into consideration of the house, the car costs, because there is room without a room, have a car without a car is not the determinant of whether a couple married. Two people love each other, let a family, and those material conditions depends on the joint effort of the young couple to get. The comprehensive economic strength strong country in Germany, most of the urban couples choose to rent a house. It is not too big relations with purchase price, but thanks to the reasonable and perfect system that rent a house here. Any young people in the city, no matter doing what, can easily price they can afford for a stable home. In addition to rent is the scale of most German citizen behavior, about 60% of residents choose to rent.

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