Giant turtle “lonely George” is presented: the tortoise tiago

YuWenYan of morning paper reporter reports Today is Ecuador’s Galapagos national park once star tortoise & other; Lonely George & throughout; Died a month mark (this newspaper reported on June 26). & other; Lonely George & throughout; Death means that it represents the Galapagos islands of pinta island subspecies tortoises or extinct, because it is still cannot pass & other; The old singles & throughout; .

however, & other; Lonely George & throughout; The unfortunate death let another giant tortoises become a rising star in one hundred, it is the same life on the Galapagos national park, tiago.

with & other; George dugu & throughout; Sons of infertility, tiago has hundreds, and now still & other; Energetic & throughout; To save the Galapagos tortoise Spanish island subspecies from extinction plays an important role.

park conservation project director Washington & middot; Tower pia, tiago about 1900-1900 were explorers found, and then out of the Spanish island, came to the United States the San Diego zoo. In 1975, the San Diego zoo to return it to the Galapagos.

tiago and several other just like the tortoise was raising breeding center in the park. The crawling zoologist Linda & middot; Card about, ‘said tiago is strongest desire in the population, because it is the oldest of individuals in the male, age biggest one. & other; In the tortoise, individual biggest dominant. Throughout the &;

it is understood that tiago is 90 cm long, 80 kilograms. While the tower pia, said tiago must be over 100 years old.

once, go to take a look & other Lonely George & throughout; Is a trip to the Galapagos must, its visitors include Britain’s prince Charles, actor brad & middot; Brad Pitt and Angelina jolie & middot; Julie couples. & other; Now, visitors can’t help close to tiago, I think, it will be lonely George’s successor. Throughout the &; Tiago breeder foster & middot; Le reyna said.