Giant “yellow rubber duck” a worldwide weighed about 600 kilograms (FIG.)

when a big yellow rubber ducks in Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui harbour carefree swim, shore of it has been difficult to rejoice in patience, busy city scene immediately morphs into a pleasant memory of childhood. This only to let the mood & other; A second light & throughout; Yellow duck, was born in Florence artist ding & middot; Hoffman, he took his installation traveled halfway around the world, transcends race, religion, age, and any political implications, transmission and release with the most instinctive happiness in humanity.

rubber ducks took

& other; Go to the rhubarb duck! Throughout the &; Has become a recent trip to Hong Kong on a business trip or people’s fashionable rhetoric, it only secure a giant rubber duck in April this year after arrive in Hong Kong, under the reappearance of people, on May 2, assembly and inflatable succeed, started shaking it rounded body, leisurely to meet in Victoria harbour and the world. Moment, busy modern, high-rise Victoria harbour as morphs into a giant & other; The tub & throughout; , irritation, calling people happy childhood memories.

of course, want to let such a monster in the harbour cruise is not easy, it is composed of 200 pieces of huge PVC plastic, 16.5 meters high, weighing 600 kilograms of duck, in & other; Water & throughout; Require a traction of medium-sized tug, still need to accompany beside a few small boat, by the ship’s officers pull all the way to control the direction of it.

since 2007, the rhubarb duck has traveled to Osaka, Japan, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 12 cities of 10 countries, such as Amsterdam in the Netherlands, wherever they caught the attention of the enthusiasm of the local people from all walks of life, and as a debut in the greater China region, rhubarb duck can attract more than 30 to ten thousand people a day visit to the site, let ferial in bustling harbour appears more crowded, even big star Andy lau has always been busy, also specially to adjust the schedule to meet with this & other; Of duck son & throughout; .

when rhubarb duck in the harbour green water to flow, there are countless camera followed by it forever, even someone really bath will it as a childhood playmate, wearing a towel to take picture with it. Do strange jokes on weibo, all sorts of fun but also emerge in endlessly, & other; For rhubarb duck match line & throughout; , I became a net friend relish topic.

laughter brings surprise

more than 19 meters high, 16.5 meters long, the giant inflatable rubber duck yellow, designed by Dutch artist hoffman. , hoffman said it could only innocently rhubarb duck since 2007 began to embark on a journey of seeing the world, and now it was already in the water swim including Osaka, Japan, Australia, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, 12 cities in 10 countries. Every rhubarb duck from the local fans crazy fans, bring a surprise to people and laughter, largely achieved the purpose of the artist & ndash; & ndash; Rubber duck appear as people around the world childhood image, can treat all the trauma of the mind, relax, without borders of the points, not to discriminate against anyone, also don’t have any political meaning.

& other; Rhubarb duck & throughout; The creator of the Dutch artist Florence butyl & middot; Hoffman, by the media and the public also affectionately called & other; Daddy duck & throughout; , of course, this boom let & other; Daddy duck & throughout; Hoffman pleased, he said in an interview: Asian people’s reactions to the duck is very direct, they see when you look at it immediately shout loudly 1 & other; WOW!!! Throughout the &; ; The europeans tend to think a lot of the meaning behind the work, they weakened the pleasantly surprised when they saw the works. In a few years ago, at the beginning of the work in his creation once said: & other; Rubber ducks have no national boundaries, can heal the heart, happy. Throughout the &; In this sense, perhaps the simple direct emotional displays, appears to be a work perfect interpretation.

this 12 times rhubarb duck tour activities even though time is not fixed, and activities, host of reasons also each are not identical, but because of a few hundred kilograms of duck long transportation difficulties, rubber water rhubarb duck are exhibited by special order according to the demand of home manufacturers, the main material for PVC. For considering the hydrologic characteristics and safety protection, rubber rhubarb duck inflatable are completed on the spot. If water waves is bigger, after filling in order to prevent the rhubarb duck unsafe factors affected by wind, rhubarb duck floating themselves, but by stops in the hidden under the surface of the boat is tied to a fixed location to be fixed.

flower wall inside the wall sweet

although rhubarb duck known, but in the country that the Netherlands is not well understood, “global times” reporter asked the Dutch friends, most people’s first reaction is paused, then ask is this tub duck? How to become so big also ran to the sea? The Netherlands is bath almost every child as a child’s favorite rubber duck company, from the baby period has been to the ignorant youth, involve. Actually duck this image in the Netherlands life everywhere, the Dutch rivers and ditches, including duck, many kinds of wild birds. Almost all kinds of canal water all the year round to see flocks of ducks in the play, the life of freedom and plenty of food to the ducks are very strong and handsome, chasing each other and even try to straight at the sky, can fly to the highest five or six meters off the ground, flying distance of 10 meters.

in addition to many children know the world famous fairy tale “the ugly duckling”, the Netherlands and Japan, the two artists together created a good little duck is a story in the Dutch sabot little duck adventure story. In addition to the ordinary yellow rubber duck, the Dutch also made a smiling face duck, is the duck’s image in the tub with the smiling face of the concise and lively, increased the happy feeling. There are some sayings like a duck on the Netherlands, such as & other; Ran into a group of the duck & throughout; , which means a group of people doing one thing, suddenly came to a person to do other, told the Chinese & other; The intruder & throughout; A little bit similar. This comprehensive report

s data

film: all the 200 pieces of PVC film is carefully designed, daddy duck can make rubber ducks, such as some true and kindness.

run: the body of fan air injection for rubber duck body for a long time, not stop to pick it

entry: the original rubber duck is also a door! Patpat’s location has a zipper, but children have to be disappointed, because this exit is for staff only for rubber duck for a physical examination, can not visit.

plankton: you know why rubber duck can comfortably in plankton? The original at the bottom of the rubber duck has a diameter of 13 meters floating bed bear, so he can safely to meet you!

base: don’t let the rubber ducks have a chance to run away? The secret is the three special 3 tons of stone code, rubber duck can be securely fixed in the midst of the sea.


cable on this one all the waterproof electric lam will shore power driving the fan constantly, no power, we won’t see a full & other; Positive energy & throughout; The rubber duck!

s characters

Florence butyl & middot; Hoffman

the contemporary concept artist, born in 1977 in delft, slaughter, weissensee art school in Berlin in 2001, has been published works after the master’s degree in art.

first large installation “vlade’s Ding Enju rabbit” completed in 2003 and lead to an impressive response. Hoffman weissensee art school in Berlin after the master’s degree in art, then set out to create his & other; Epic & throughout; . In 2003, in the southern Dutch town of vlade’s dean, hoffman in the surrounding residents, with the help of using local waste wood, spent 3 months to complete the works of the 10.5 m high & ndash; & ndash; Laid the foundation of hoffman artistic conception. Hoffman in 2010 for Sao Paulo, Brazil, & other; Pixel exhibition & throughout; Pixel (Show) the creation of “Fat Monkey” (Fat Monkey), so make the most of his this regional thinking. In his works, hoffman, together with local students in 10000 not only Brazilian Havaianas flip-flops, created a giant monkey between lying in the bushes, slippers bright color is warm flavor of Brazil. And this summer in Sweden, bloom in open art biennale, The 16 meters high “rhubarb Rabbit” (The Big Yellow Rabbit), based on The local production of Yellow wall panel. This toy rabbit like in accidentally fell from the sky, fell head over heels in memory of the great Swedish en el brackett square, into another occupation revolution of ponder and ridicule.

Florence butyl & middot; Hoffman was so, he put the world as a playground, developed a variety of possible relations of public space and public, let art bring to life a & other; Huge & throughout; The surprise. If Mr Hoffman to pass any information or ideas in art, he wants people to regain that have not been to initiate infusion of pure vision, seasky happy to release the most instinct of human nature.